[BOOKS] Here’s the Problem, Well Illustrated.

I’m currently reading a fantastic zombie compilation. It’s fine. This post isn’t about zombies. Totally safe. Trust me.

So, Yeah, I’m reading The Living Dead 2 ed. John Joseph Adams. Highly recommend it so far, and, it’s $6.99 at Chapters.ca in store, in the bargain bins, and you just can’t beat that for summer reading.


I just came across a particular story, Reluctance by Cherie Priest. Now, obviously, these are all shortstories, which means even if I don’t like it, I’ll finish it. Short stories, at the very, very least, are a great way to find new authors. And in this case, how could I resist? An alternate history world where the Civil War has dragged on for twenty years, and led to massive steampunk innovation? And Zombies?


So, read the story, and I gotta say, I love it. Which means the first thing I did was jump on Kindle, and go looking for some of the other stuff in that world. Specifically, BoneShaker

Which is where my irritation with the industry raised its head again.

Paperback: $11.97
Kindle: $12.56

Wait, WHAT?

Keep in mind, this is a four-year old book now, too. But, it shouldn’t be cheaper for me to order physical, dead-tree editions (I can get the first three in the series, Boneshaker, Clementine, and Dreadnaught for $38, with free shipping) cheaper than the electronic, make-a-copy-and-sell-it-with-no-additional-overhead versions.

That’s fucking dumb.

I’ll probably eventually acquire this series. I dig it a lot. But if the ebook pricing was more realistic, that’d already be a sale. or possibly several sales.

And this isn’t an abnormal situation. I ran into the same thing a little while back with a book review on MotherJones. I thought it looked neat, so I hopped on amazon to check the pricing.

Hardcover: $16.43
Kindle: $17.95

Oh. Heh. I tagged that link about six weeks ago. In that time, the hardcover price has dropped to $15.45. WHICH MAKES THE DISPARITY EVEN WORSE.