Temptation – A Big Ass Cruise

What am I thinking?

Temptation, thy name is epic cruise.

I’ve been talking for a while about doing a crazy one day run out to Sawdust City Brewing. I adore pretty much all their beers (with a special fondness for “Long Dark Voyage to Uranus” (stout), “An Ale of Two Cities” (Sour IPA), “Titania” (Barrel aged LDV stout) and “The Princess Wears Girl Pants” Saison. I figured, do the drive to Gravenhurst, from Ottawa, get some beer, have a meal and a beer, turn around and come home.

Now, I’m thinking that maybe I can hit three breweries in the same trip.

Boshkung Brewing, which is along the way, easy enough stop, and thanks to Lauren, stop at Redline Brewhouse. The problem, of course, is that the stop at Redline is another 100km South West (further from home).

Which turns this into ten hours of drivetime (875km) for the roundtrip.

Here, let me show you:


The blue is the run out, the red is the route home. Basically, it’s Ottawa > Renfrew > Denbigh > Bancroft > Bracebridge > Gravenhurst > Orilia > Barrie > Orillia > Kinmount > Bancroft > Denbigh > Renfrew > Ottawa


It’s all “B” roads, too, so it’s a beautiful drive. The forecast for Saturday is 24oC, feels like 27oC, and sunny with cloudy periods.

It is LITERALLY the perfect day to cruise.

I have a full tank of gas. I’ll need to fill up once (probably Renfrew).

I have a 64gb USB stick full of music.

I don’t know if I’ll have company – in the car, I’ll be solo, but there may be some other cars who’re interested in either a] coming along or b] meeting along the way. But, no one’s firmed up. And unfortunately, Darkcyde can’t make it due to work.


I’ve not had a cruise this summer. I won’t get another chance this year, with Sparkplug due in three weeks (Sparkplug being a child, with a due date of August 17th!).

Am I this stupid?

Well, the answer is yes, I drove home from Tennessee last year in one sitting – 14.5 hours straight through from Tail of the Dragon.

I’ve got two days to decide – if I’m going, I’m going at 6am Saturday morning.