Ghostbusters: Gasoline on the Fire of Controversy

I know, there’s been a lot of hate regarding the Ghostbusters reboot, with all the ladies in it, and the fanbois crapping their boys-only pants.

I have no issue with the cast, but I have concerns about the script: Ghostbusters is a really special movie, for a lot of reasons and living up to that is nearly impossible (it surely wasn’t possible in Ghostbusters 2: Spectral Bugaloo).

But I’ve said for a while, that if it’s an actual, real-time, thirty-years-later sequel? They have to have the original guys as well: to pass the torch. And they have to pass that torch hard. And with permanency. They have make it work, rather than just have cameos.

So a little while back, it was announced that Ackroyd would cameo. That’s cool, but unsurprising: he’s a guy who’ll just do things and get paid and is happy, and no fault there at all. But Murray was always going to be the holdout. He’s picky, he doesn’t like doing repeats, and he likes doing what he likes.

But he said yes to the cameo. The speculation is whether he’ll reprise his original role: I think it’s obvious there’ll be a handing of the baton to the new cast.

What I want, and what I’m hoping happens is some drama.

Venkman. Dies. At. The. Beginning.

Seriously: how to add some gravitas (that the original had, moment to moment) to a cast who, to be fair, can go too far with digging for the laughs? Kill Venkman. That Murray is doing ANYTHING to do with the movie is amazing: he’s not going to do it again. So, kill him. It’s thirty years later, they’re older, slower, and, honestly, broke and getting sloppy: it’s a McJob: it’s pest control, and no one cares. And he gets sloppy and gets killed by a ghost. And the other guys go through their own soul searching, and the girls get hired.

Please do this.

or don’t. But don’t just do basic cameo’s: and don’t make it so the girls have to have “Daddy Ghostbusters” watching over them: it cheapens the whole thing and does’t exactly make the women the stars of the movie that they need to be.

Kill Venkman in 2016.

I’m totally serious.


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