Forza Horizons: Fast & Furious

So, obviously, given my penchant for cars, and videogames, I was going to love Fast & Furious. And it’s true. I’ve appreciated the franchise right from the start (2 fast 2 furious IS pretty terrible. Still entertaining, but terrible): I’ve enjoyed seeing it grow and evolve over the years, and characters come and go. There are rumours of an F&F8 coming: I think that’s a mistake. Those movies, for all the excellent support, were always the Paul Walker show, it is, to coin a terrible, terrible seventies reference, Brian’s Story.

When I saw that not only were Universal getting involved with Turn10, I was skeptical. That said, I’ve been playing Forza Horizon’s 2 a lot, and I actually like this one.

And I saw the trailer for the game. Now, keep in mind, I avoided ALL the trailers for the movie: I didn’t need to see ’em, I didn’t want to be spoilered, I just wanted to watch it.

But the game trailer, I can watch that.

So, the game itself?

You’ve gotta collect (ie. race and win the pink slips to) ten cars, so that you can join the crew: Tej (Ludacris) is your contact, and runs the garage. There’s none of the modifications, tuning, etc, that is in Horizons 2, or Forza5. This actually doesn’t matter. As a stand-alone port of Horizons 2, it’s well executed, well thought-out, and just enough to be ENOUGH, without being too much. Difficulty is definitely loaded to first-time players, but cranking that up also makes it really fun for experienced drivers/players, too. The cars are all f&F specific (some of them from Fast7). I recommend at least trying to drive Dom’s Charger from inside the car/behind the wheel, with that giant intake/charger in the way.

I couldn’t figure out why Walker’s classic Supra was white. That seemed like a really dumb decisions, as it’s orange and vinyled in the first movie. It just seemed a weird mistake to make with such an iconic car.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, then I saw the tribute at the end of Fast 7.

And the game got a little dustier.

The physics are what you’d expect, and what I’ve talked about in Forza:Horizons 2 before. Extremely intuitive, and you can turn everything off, all the assists, and make it as real as you want.

The game is relatively short, but, in that first two weeks, it is also FREE. Even for ten bucks, there’s probably four to ten hours in it, depending on how fast you race (hah. See what I did there?) through it: it’s a solid game. IT is, also, basically 1000 free gamerpoints: achievements flow fast’n’furious (hah! did it again!) and completing the game in any real way gets you 800+ points. A couple of the trick ones as well, and you’re at the full thousand. COMPLETIONIST! Keeps the casual and non-race players happy, and the achievements are fun too (pretty much all named for one-liners in the movies).

It’s fun, basically. Even if you’re not normally into race games, it’s a good time: it’s a nice lead-in to the movie, and there’s some great references if you’re a fan of the series. I’m not generally a fan of movie tie-ins: we’ve all seen how bad they can be, because they’re generally just commercials (bad) or hack-jobs to get a few more bucks out of the franchise. This doesn’t do that. It’s a legitimate game tie-in, for fans of both racing games, and the F&F franchise.

But boy, once you know about that white Supra, it’ll hit you right in the feels.

Solid 5 stars as a free game, a decent 4.5 as a $10 DLC.


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