Burnout Racing, HydroThunder Idiocy

All of a sudden, I got really nostalgic for Burnout: Takedown, Burnout:Revenge, and Burnout:Paradise

Takedown, especially, took up a TON of our time back in the day. I know we had Takedown for the xbox, which is kind of a shame right now, as I’m not 100% certain where my old Xbox (first gen) is anymore (I think MightDogKing has it, because we were playing Drunken SSXTricky a while back. I should get that back one of these days.

So, yeah, Takedown: hammering down the coastal/Island road, to (a band I hated) My Chemical Romance’s “I’m Not OK”, just to miss that one wreck, and shave a tenth of a second off your time? Yeah. Good times.

SImiarly with Revenge: Lost a lot of time to THAT in 05/06, too: crash mode for the win, kids! I generally dominated the racing segements: @MightDogKing and @Notmike generally covered the crash! challenges with aplomb and style.

And then Paradise came along and it should have been awesome, and just wasn’t… quite. I mean, it was really good, and a lot of fun, but it wasn’t quite Revenge, which hadn’t quite been Takedown.

Still, the Extra-Life Gameathon is coming in a week. HOLY SHIT, A WEEK, and there’s gonna be time for these things.

This, and HydroThunder. Thank god they re-released it a few years ago as a downloadable, fixed up nicely fo the newer gneeration of console, as HydroThunder:Hurricane


Players can also use any combination of splitscreen and Xbox Live players to play online with up to eight players.


I think I know what we’ll have to do at some point the weekend of the gameathon. SOunds like RACIN’ TIME.


One Response to Burnout Racing, HydroThunder Idiocy

  1. Alex Grover says:

    I own the PC version of Burnout Paradise. Should I reinstall? 🙂

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