[gaming] It’s Coming to Gameathon Time Again!

In the same way that some people love Christmas, I love October/November. Why? Because it’s time for the Extra-Life.org Gameathon again.

I’ve organized this for two years now, and I think we’re going to do it again this year. I really do love the event, and as the money raised goes to the Children’s Miracle Network, and then funnels down to your local Children’s Hospital (CHEO, in our case), and 100% of the proceeds go to the cause, NOT to administration?

Yeah, it’s a good cause.

There is only ONE glaring problem. It’s at halloween. Specificlly, October 25th (two days after my birthday, and six days before Hallowe’en night.)

And these are my friends:

To Infinity, and Beyond 2

Bane 2

Yeah. There’s more of them, but you get the idea. Halloween is the most important day of the year, for them.

So, what to do?

Screw it. We’re doing the 25th. Yes, it IS the final-push weekend for costume creation. However,

The other thing I want to do is, make everything bigger.

Because that’s what Team Bombshelter does.

Ok, here’s the first year. See? Looked pretty cool, right? And, apparently, I never did a write-up for the second year (dunno how that happened!). But, somewhere, I do have pictures. I gotta find ’em, but they’re there.

Again, pretty sweet. We tried to do something different. A single Forza4 race. It turns out that the longest Forza4 race you can set up is about 8 hours (Class B, modified, running 200 laps of the Nordschliefe). We only made it about an hour in before SketchedOut ruined all our cars by flipping his. So, after that, we ran some shorter (10 lap) races on smaller tracks. There was also the inevitable HALO free-for-all-deathmatch, Rockband in the basement, and gaming PC’s all over the house.

I kinda want to make it bigger again this year.

I’d like to do the big race.

Scratch that. I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO DO THE BIG RACE. Especially if we’re going to be in a situation where the majority of the console gamers are going to be car guys (more on that later), due to the costume folk celebrating THEIR holiday the same day(s).

SO, I’m thinking about bringing other car clubs and/or regions/sections of car clubs in, to see if they’ll do the same thing. IF they will, and we can get a sizable group together, I want to see if Turn10 will host the race on their own servers/hardware, and broadcast it. I’ve talked about this before. But there’s not been any real sense in actually trying to do it, with only seven or eight drivers. We can do that locally.

BUt if we had, say, 32 drivers, willing to be on their xboxes for eight hours or so, maybe Turn10 WOULD in fact get involved and help us out. This is what we did last year, and I’ll be planning the race for this year, too, but I’ll do that later.

The only bad news is, I’d love to do it on Forza5, but I don’t have the hardware (xbox:one, wheel/pedals) yet. And, I don’t think enough people have new One’s yet to make it viable.

For those who’re taking part locally, I need to know:

a] that you’re coming!
b] what you’re bringing. If you’re bringing a console, you need a TV and/or Monitor, too. Gaming PC’s, same deal, right? We can help with transport if you need it.
c] How much you plan on fund raising. It’s seven weeks to the event, lots of time to bother family, friends, and co-workers for five bucks. Go sign-up on the Team Bombshelter team page at Extra-Life.org, then get to it!
d] if you’re out of town… (and this is mostly for the car community guys & girls) are you just gonna start your own team and compete with us? 🙂 If so, go to Extra Life, sign up, and create your own team.

All in all, this started as a fun thing for me to do with friends on my birthday, and ended up being a charity we raised (in two years) just about five grand for our local Children’s Hospital. I’d love to see that jump to seventy-five hundred total this year (so, team fund raising goal of $2500 for this year). It’s a good cause, and a large number of families I know have made use of the facilities at CHEO. Even five, or ten bucks helps.

Three months to go, so more details will follow, obviously.

Also, you’re welcome to Sponsor me, directly. GO SPONSOR ME NOW, I COMMAND IT.


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