Cycling: Turn Down For What

Ok, that was gratuitous, but I love that video. No good reason at all, but dem articulated boobs make me giggle.

This week, I started getting serious about the riding. Previously, I’ve not ‘tracked’ my commute: I did realize that, for the most part, my commute is more than 15km (about 8km each way, depending on route). So, it’s actually worth tracking. I sweat when I do it, so… yeah, I’ll “keep” those miles. But this week, I have a plan to jump face-first back into the heavy riding.

The prologue to all this is that in February, after eating my stress from preparing to sell a house, selling a house, buying a new house, moving, wondering if the roof on the new house will collapse… you get the idea… left me at 235lbs.


That’s the heaviest I’ve been in nine years.

So, that had to stop. Since February, I’m down about fifteen pounds: that was mostly some biking, walking to work until the roads improved, and not eating like a complete imbecile. It works. But now the serious work begins.

And that means actively trying to lose weight again.

I’m hoping 215lbs by Canada Day (July 1st), and 200lbs by Labour Day (September 1st). I’d by lying if I said that at least some of this is due to wanting to look comfortable in my clothes for the wedding next spring, but that’s not all of it. I’m not really worried about the weight per se, but rather, how I feel in my clothes. I’ve got a ton of shirts right now that I don’t wear, because they bulge in the wrong places for me to be comfortable in them. So… yeah. Gotta get back to me.

Like I’ve mentioned before, what works for me is biking. And it’s been a while since I was serious about it.

This week so far:

Monday – 8km to work, 27.4km home (35.4km)
Tuesday – 8km to work, 13.9km home (21.9km)
Wednesday – 5.5km to work, 32km home (37.5km)

Total so far, 94.8km.

Tuesday was tough: like I said, getting the eating under control too means that I underestimated my requirements. By that, I mean, by the time I was onto the final 5km section of my loop, I was getting dizzy, and out of breath. Basic sugar crash. So, yeah, gotta increase intake during the day, and decrease in the evening. Tonights plan is 30km, out to MEC because I need a couple of bike-related things that Joe Mamma doesn’t sell. Also, it’s a nice ride out through Westboro, and the Experimental farm and down Prince of Wales. Also, I’ve no choice but to finish the ride, because have to get home. So, there’s that.

Basically, I’ve set myself a goal this week of 175km. I’m actually hoping that’ll be closer to 200km, but, hey, baby steps, right?

As of Wednesday night, assuming I did accomplish my goal (ed. I did), I’m at about 92km.

Thursday will be the usual 8km to work, and then probably 20km home. So, that’s around 120km. Friday, 8km to work, and 20km home again. 148km. That means Saturday or Sunday, I need to find time for a 25-50km ride. Or, I need to do a third ride in the evening either Thursday or Friday to balance a shorter weekend ride.

We’ll see what happens. But the weekly goal is totally achievable.

Unless I fall over.


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