The Most Basic of Tools

Fortunately, I DO have a hammer. in fact, I have several of them. I have a garden variety hammer, for the nails, and occasionally bending screws, and breaking through drywall. I have a marvelous rubber mallet, which works for delicate bashing (it happens) and banging the hell out of whatever prying device I happen to be using (a prybar and mallet is my favorite way to separate things that are fastened together: like floorboards). And then there’s the BFH. Yes, the Big. Fucking. Hammer. In this case, a 3lb thumper which is really best for making things submit to my will, in a way the other two never manage. I mean, it’s not a sledgehammer.

But it is the one-handed equivalent.

And, turns out, with a 2×4 held in place, after I’d removed the exhaust, it’s the best tool to flatten the body-lip on the car so it doesn’t bang on the exhaust anymore (or the exhaust doesn’t bang on it, which is the more accurate statement).

Not bad. 10 minutes to put the car in the air, on jack stands, 10 minutes to pull the mufflers (which was as far as I needed to go back) and flatten the ridge on the body, and 10 minutes to put the cans back on, and button it all up, and drop the car down again.

If I had a hammer

DONE. Or, rather, at that point, not done.


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