Genesis Coupe: Upgrade Season Comes Once Again, with a Roadtrip, and Strange Occurances, wherein I Develop the Love of ATQ Products

Got that? Hah. I’m the king of the run-on subject line.

Ok, so, I’m going to give you two versions. I’ll give you the long, whole-weekend version, and the TL:DR version. I’m even going to be nice, and give you the TL:DR version first.


As part of a weekend trip to Southern Ontario, I dropped by ATQ . ATQ is relatively new on the market in terms of parts for the genesis coupe, but working with some pretty illustrious names in the community: ie. Snoopy. So, when SketchedOut asked if I was gonna come along to meet the owner, Tomi, I pretty much couldn’t say no.

SketchedOut was having (as I ended up doing) both the front, oval shifter bushings, rear shifter linkage bushing, and rigid collars installed on his 2013 Genesis Coupe. I have a 2010: there’s some minor differences. I’ll make this very simple, and in all caps.

IF YOU OWN A MANUAL GENESIS COUPE, GO BUY THE LINKED PRODUCTS ABOVE, IF YOU OWN AN AUTOMATIC, GET THE RIGID COLLARS NOW. Not only is Tomi a fiend for quality and details, he does his homework, and makes the best product possible, for the best price possible. Driving home with all of these items installed was eye-opening to say the least.

The Shifter: The shift in the Genesis, 3.8 or 2.0T is sloppy to say the least. The combination of the front and rear bushings tighten the whole linkage up, making the shifts tighter, more precise and accurate, and generally don’t feel like you’re flailing through the gearbox, but actually selecting a gear. I can’t wait to get my hands on his next batch of short shifter. Why? Because it’s the only one on the market that keeps it all “right”. Need to know what I mean? Go watch Snoopy’s review:

The Rigid Collars: This is where things reall get good. For the price, this is on a par, as a handling and car-feel upgrade, with the (stock on GT/Track/Rspec) $60 strut-tower brace. You can watch what rigid collars do here. I was going to link to a short description, but they were all for competitors sites, so go watch Snoopy’s video, because, yeah. . Now, I had some issues, which will be delved into in the Too Long version, but, as a whole, the car feels much tighter than it did before: Enough so that I’m not sure my shocks/struts are completely done yet. They still bear replacing, for sure, but with the chassis being better sorted out, I can put them off again a little bit. Which is nice. I don’t get the slamming and cracking feeling over rough roads that I had been getting, and the steering has a much better, more on-target feel to it. For the price, you simply cannot do better than this upgrade. If you drive a 2010 Genesis Coupe, however, especially an early build, you’ll want to read the Too Long version (coming soon to a blog near you). In the meantime, hit up ATQ and get these bits ordered. Just stay away from the short shifter, because they only make so many at a time, and I want to make sure I get mine. My preciousssssssssssss.

That’s it for the TL:DR review. I had planned on just diving into the “how the weekend really went” version, BUT, I’m going to separate that into another post. It never goes easy for me, BECAUSE REASONS.


2 Responses to Genesis Coupe: Upgrade Season Comes Once Again, with a Roadtrip, and Strange Occurances, wherein I Develop the Love of ATQ Products

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