Bike Commuting. Let The Defattening Begin.

I’m still walking to work on a daily basis, but I’ve hit that point where, as I walk down the sidewalk, I’m evaluating the condition of the roadside.  I’m doing this to see when I can realistically, safely, begin biking to/from work again.

I give it a week, tops, before I’m riding again.

I can make it.  Sure I can.  *spins peddles* OOHHH, YEAH, THAT’S THE GOOD STUFF.

*ahem*  I have a problem, and I know it.  I really, really love biking.

So, I’m at that point where it’s getting really close.

The plan is to do the 6km to work (a little less, but it works for sayin’ things, you know? Exactly) and then do a ‘route’ home.  The route home is 20km (again, give or take) and I can probably do it rain or shine, too, so I always get SOMETHING in. 

The Home Route:

So, if I do that every day, and I set a goal of say, forty minutes (which I won’t do early on, I’m sure) for that, I at least get a good cardio workout every day.  When the weather’s decent, and people are interested, evening rides will be a thing.  And there’s a good chance I’m going to go do 30-60km rides on some evenings anyway.  But I want to work up to 100km+ rides on the weekend, too.  


Well, the 10lbs I gained this winter, eating my stress, are a good place to start.  Once that`s dealt with, there`s another 20-30lbs I realistically can live without.  When I get there, I can re-evaluate.  But I would guess that’s the summer, as a whole.  That, and eating better than I have been, for sure.

Looks like I’ve got some enthusiastic riding partners this summer too, so, that’s gonna be all kinds of fun, I think.

Also, it’s not like I’m quittin’ beer anytime soon.  So, there’s THAT to deal with, as well.

How long until biking season, again?


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