Friday Wants: The Everything Edition

Friday Wants:

Oh, the world is speedin’ up, and slowin’ down, all at the same time. It’s also almost Christmas, so, I can do my gratuitous “I want stuff” thing.

  • Monster iSport Intensity earbuds. I’m not normally a huge fan of Monster, but apparently the sound quality of these is good, they’re a lot less issue-y with staying in your ear, and not being painful than the silicone-tip type, and they get a thumbs up from one of my co-workers too (and he’s really into his music). So, these are lookin’ pretty good. And at $100, they’re pretty reasonably priced, too.
  • SuperLux Taillights I still want ’em. They’re awesome. $400.
  • 7″ Galaxy tablet, Stereo screen/tablet relocation kit, and the various bits’n’pieces that are involved in the installation in my car. This is something I really want to do in the next year: with an off-line map-pack for the tablet, and the right set-up, this completely replaces an external navigation unit, while providing a ton of other functionality. And, the install will be fun and educational!
  • Campbell Hausfield 3/8″ air ratchet (50lb.ft) or Stanly Fat Max Air ratchet. Because I have a compressor, and a bunch of car work to do.
  • Maybe even more than the air ratchet, a 1/2″ air impact gun.
  • As my beloved MEC cycling pack is giving up, after nearly fifteen years of hard service, I’m looking at either a Chrome Barrage or Chrome Bravo, but heavily towards the Bravo, just because of the doubling capacity for grocery runs on the bike. That said, Chrome’s prices for Canada are ridiculous (40% mark-up between USA & Canada, before shipping and duty), so, here, at Sadly, even there, it’s $250 (after shipping and tax) for a $160USD backpack.
  • Green Earth ceramic fry pan. I still miss my ceramic frypan, and good solid ones are hard to find. this one looks decent.
  • ATQ Rigid Collar Kit $100. This is a must-have for me, for the spring. And cheap, too!
  • Chuck Wendig’s “The Blue Blazes”. Because, it’s the only thing on my reading list from this summer I didn’t pick up yet.
  • And hey, while I’m dreaming of camera stuff: Nikon D7100 body-only Because my D70s is now eight-going-on-nine-years-old and is really starting to show that age. I’d really like to move up to more light sensitivity, a more effective sensor, and a lot less left-over noise in the image. I’ve said that for about four years now though, and I’m still soldiering on with the D70s.
  • SeaSucker suction bike rack. Watch the video. How freakin’ cool is THAT?? I saw one of these in use on a Genesis Coupe on Sunday, and the only issue is, you still have to store the front wheel inside, because the ‘attachment’ to the rack is with the front fork of the bike. Otherwise, EXCELLENT option.
  • And, obviously, impact sockets to go with the air tools. A starter kit. Or, you know, the ultimate comprehensive set of metric and imperial, in 3/8 and 1/2″.
  • Oh, and extensions for the GoPro. A couple of these should do it.
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