[24-hour gameathon] More Forza Prep.

Interesting situation.

I sat down a few nights ago for the first time in ages, and turned some laps. I’d been playing with set-ups for my 2010 3.8L GT Genesis Coupe: specifically, I’d taken a hit on grip, downgrading the tires from “race compound” (very sticky) to “street compound” (still sticky, but less than race). this is a BIG gain for ‘other’ enhancements: the stock car with street compound is B437, on race, it’s B472, and on race with wider tires, B481. What was happening was, as the B class tops at B500, I was running out of room to get the upgrades I needed for the balance I want in the car.


Tried something new yesterday. Deleted all my power adders (supercharger, exhaust, intake) and ran with a stock engine. Put the tire sizes back to stock, and changed the compound back to race, from street, to make up for what I was loosing in tire-width (and hopefully gain some more grip).

Then, because I have a big, fat wing, and nose diffuser (BecauseRacecar), I played with the downforce. Stock downforce is 90lbs front, 145lbs rear. I dropped that to 60lbs front, 90lbs rear.

My issue had been I was topping out at about 142mph on the front straight, and 124mph on the ‘uphill’ straight about halfway through the course.

With these changes (lower downforce being the big one) the stock engine is cooking up to 156mph on the front straight, and 132mph on the uphill straight. Less power, but less resistance. And yeah, it’s a little more wiggly in the high speed corners. All that means is, I have to watch my corner entry speeds, and accelerate out gently.

All this said, I managed to turn a CLEAN standing-start of 9:26.364, and a flying 9:09.391. that’s pretty much my best time ever in a class-B on Nordschliefe.

Three weeks until the gameathon.

Have you sponsored me yet? You probably should!

I should also find a video-recorder to ‘tape’ my practice at least (I assume taping the race, at 12 hrs, will be more than a little intensive on storage requirements, and who the hell is gonna watch it?)

Sponsor me! Sponsor me! Sponsor me!


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