[24-HOUR GAMEATHON] The Rules: 12 Hours of Nordschliefe

Driftin' for the Children

I was bored, so I made a thing! It’s not great, but it gets the point across.

So, we’re on. Right now, it appears we have seven to ten drivers, which, for an inaugural event, is decent.

I’ll have to work on a driver list.

But, here’s the ‘terms’ of the race.

1] the game is Forza Motorsports 4 on xbox360.
2] The track is the Nordschliefe:

3] The car class is B. Specifically, topping out at B-500. Other than that, anything goes. Tune as you see fit. If you need assistance setting up your car, I recommend ForzaDroid as a set-up tool. It’ll give a good, basic tune that’ll get you around the track.
4] The settings are “Full Simulation”. So, you gotta worry about tire wear, gas, and damage. The pits will be open. Under simulation… body damage does not get fixed. I found that out the other day. That means major contact? your downforce is FUBAR, and probably, so’s your aero. that takes your carefully-set-up handling and top-speed into the shitter. For the rest of the race. Be warned.
5] Because of 4] keep the contact to a minimum. There’s gonna be some (rubbin’s racin’), but don’t be a moron and ruin everyone’s day. It could be 14 miles/fifteen minutes plus to get back to the pits in a wrecked car.
6] No quittin’.. You wanna stop racing? park the car on the grass and wait for the race to end.
7] Race is 12 hours. I have a feeling that’ll stretch a little, because you can’t set a ‘timed’ race. But, with a 9 to 9-and-a-half minute lap, approx 6.5 laps per hour, makes for a 77-lap, 12 hour race. I’ll probably set 80 laps, just to be safe, and we’ll run 12, maybe 12 1/2 hours.

Right now, the starting grid is:

Andrew T

I’m hoping I can interest a few players from XBL into joining in: HOTLZ77, Choccy, and Sleight-of-foot (who have all been bustin’ my rivals times for months, and are therefore worthy adversaries).

Sadly, it’s not quite as big as I’d hoped. But, I think the easiest way to deal with that is…. Fill up the spaces with AI. Which is going to make for a sixteen car field. If anyone wants in at this point, let me know.

One reminder: If you’re not actually raising money: MAKE A DONATION. This is especially important for players. While the race is gonna be fun (hell, the whole weekend is gonna be FUN) the point is to raise money for CHEO, The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, via Children’s Miracle Network. Even small donations make a huge difference: if we have twenty people playing and everyone chips in $10, that’s $200. If everyone on my facebook list chipped in FIVE bucks, that’d be over a grand. It adds up really quickly. And it’s a really good cause.

And if anyone wants to commit to double their donation to me IF I WIN THE RACE? You’ll know by 8:30pm on November 2nd, as it’s a 12 hour race. Tell me ahead of time. I will, of course, race dirty to double the donation.


2 Responses to [24-HOUR GAMEATHON] The Rules: 12 Hours of Nordschliefe

  1. markramsden says:

    Ahhh, well. Turns out, Forza Motorsports 4 only lets you make a custom race of fifty laps.

    That said, fifty laps, times nine- to nine-and-a-half minutes, makes about an eight hour race. It’ll do. I guess.

    Maybe we’ll have to do two ‘heats’.

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