So, I’m gonna do this pretty regularly, it’s a good way to keep track of OMG WHY THE FUCK DID I DO THIS AGAIN?

Right now, Team Bombshelter is a team of seven, although it sounds like eight by this evening, so I’m gonna count it as eight.

Again, @blingdomepiece is bringing his epic Rockband set-up. This is his thing.

We have, tentatively-for-sure, four drivers so far for what is going to be, I suspect, a 12-hour race, not a 24-hour race. Logistically, the 24-hour race is tough. We’ll see though.

The drivers are:

Me, your humble host, driving a nearly-ready 2010 3.8L Genesis Coupe (B499 class)
Colton, Car unknown
Kendra, Car unknown
Melissa, driving a currently-sitting-in-the-garage 1985 1.6L Chevrolet Chevette, which will eventually be a high-B-class car

I need more drivers.

The Senatron Will, I assume, be gaming from home, because eighteen-month-old twins.

@BambiBlue will again be killing everyone on Team Fortress 2, or something similar. I think she may have a Durham Basterds Compatriot in this, however. We’ll see.

@Chaos_introvert will be… I have no idea what he’ll be doing. But he’ll be doing SOMETHING, dammit.

wHAT i GOTTA start doing is sourcing equipment. I’m trying to get hold of both xboxes, and TV’s. We need to have enough to run FORZA 4 for everyone who’s racing, and extras for “the others”, plus HALO at least later in the evening (espeically if we only run a 12-hr race).

IF anyone reading this can loan us an xbox, TV, copy of Forza 4, Copy of HALO 1 re-release, leave me a comment, and I’ll get back to you. This same plea will be going out on FB, Twitter, and Google+.


Also, if I have mentioned it?

Make a donation to the effort! I need your money, FOR THE CHILDREN.


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