Friday Wants: All The Things Edition

I’ve not done this in a while, so, lets enjoy ourselves with crass consumerism, and unrealistic expectations, shall we?

  • SeaSucker suction bike rack. Watch the video. How freakin’ cool is THAT?? I saw one of these in use on a Genesis Coupe on Sunday, and the only issue is, you still have to store the front wheel inside, because the ‘attachment’ to the rack is with the front fork of the bike. Otherwise, EXCELLENT option.
  • 7″ tablet, probably the Aceri A100 iconia, Stereo screen/tablet relocation kit, and the various bits’n’pieces that are involved in the installation in my car. This is something I really want to do in the next year: with an off-line map-pack for the tablet, and the right set-up, this completely replaces an external navigation unit, while providing a ton of other functionality. And, the install will be fun and educational!
  • Stance SS Coilovers, because I can set my own ride-height and damping stiffness, and replace the nearly-completely-shot stock struts in my car.
  • Competition Clutch Stage 2 kit, because my clutch sucks. ’nuff said.
  • Coaster brake conversion for my fixie/single-speed. Because, awesome, and no more brake levers/calipers. Bad, because only their most expensive set (outside of custom made) has the right front and rear spacing. These in black though? Yum. Although a custom Red, or even my car’s Mirabeau Blue would be awesome.
  • SuperLux LED taillights. LED is good, and I love the look of the superlux on my car.
  • Stephen King’s Doctor “Sleep”. Because new Stephen King, obviously.
  • Chuck Wendig’s “The Blue Blazes”. Because, it’s the only thing on my reading list from this summer I didn’t pick up yet.
  • Nikon 35mm f1.8 The ‘true’ 50mm lens based on a DX format SLR (the 50mm f1.8 is actually a 75mm on my camera, due to the size of the sensor). Me wants.
  • Which would probably go well with the 20mm f/2.8D, which I’ve borrowed, and am in love with.
  • And hey, while I’m dreaming of camera stuff: Nikon D7100 body-only Because my D70s is now eight-going-on-nine-years-old and is really starting to show that age. I’d really like to move up to more light sensitivity, a more effective sensor, and a lot less left-over noise in the image. I’ve said that for about four years now though, and I’m still soldiering on with the D70s.
  • I gotta admit, again, while I still really like my Canon G12 as a “walk around” camera, if I’d waited a year, I’d have had a micro four-thirds machine like the Samsung NX300, or Lumix GX7.
  • Laptop. Mine is almost dead after eight years. Now, that will need some research.
  • Air Tools. I grabbed a compressor from a friend last year, and still haven’t used it, because, no tools. So, I need: an impact gun (1/2″, maybe?), 3/8″ or 1/2″ air ratchet, , and definitely impact sockets in 1/2″ metric and 1/2″ imperial.
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