On Coffee Filters, and Ridiculous Internet Pricing.

I have an ongoing battle with coffee consumption. It goes a bit like this.

I really like coffee. I get into a habit of stopping at Tim Hortons in the morning. Then, I get into the habit of going to Tim Hortons on break. And if someone happens to offer to go at lunch, I get another coffee.

And this goes on for a while, and then I start doing the math.

1 Large Coffee ($1.80)
2-3 times a day
5-6 times a week

Assuming best case scenario (2 coffees a day, five days a week) the math looks like this:

(((($1.80 x 2) x 5) X 4) x 12) = $864

(You’ll have to forgive the syntax of the equation, I’m an English major, not a math guy).

Now, that doesn’t include in the cost the obligatory “well, I’m getting a coffee, so I might as well get a breakfast sandwich/donut/whatever with it, especially if I’m going to use Interac” argument I make with myself when I’m still half asleep. Arguably, you can double that figure just for incidental spendings along with the coffee.


With additional food spending, that’s a fairly safe guess around $1500 a year. In coffee and breakfast.

Stay with me here, I do have a point. Actually, I made the point. I spend too fucking much on coffee. Now, I gotta fix it.

What I did was make my own. The problem with that was, I was making a pot of coffee in the very nice drip coffee maker we have, and bringing it to work. The problem is, that means I’m then drinking a pot (60oz) of coffee a day.



I’m not allowed a coffee maker on my desk. I tried that, they took it away.

I tried a Bodum. Too grainy, didn’t love it. Too much effort to clean.

So, where do we go?

Well, we go here, actually:

I got a single-cup, top-of-cup drip thingy from Starbucks for thirteen bucks. I tend to buy PC West Coast Dark Roast (pre-ground coffee) in an 875g tin, when it’s on sale for $8.99.

But FILTERS. I feel bad about paper filters. I know they’re recycleable and all, and it’s easy enough, and it’s not like they’re expensive. But, I’d rather have a washable, re-useable filter. And I know they’re out there! Even in #2 format (small, single-serving).

So, this is what I find.

Amazon is, of course, the answer. UNFORTUNATELY:

But, that’s Amazon.com: and the tertiary retailer won’t ship me the filter above.

If you search Amazon.ca, though, you can find exactly the same product:

So, you see the problem, right?

I mean, are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? I know, language, but… ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??

And just to add insult to injury, they’re charging shipping on top of that! What the ever-loving fuck?

Obviously, I’m still using paper filters: three bucks for a hundred.

But at least my monthly coffee cost has dropped from seventy-two dollars to about twelve bucks.


One Response to On Coffee Filters, and Ridiculous Internet Pricing.

  1. fashionflirt says:

    There must be a mistake. Like… That’s obscene. You should write an email enquiring as to whether or not this is correct, because… that’s just so VERY wrong.

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