Extra-Life.org 24-hour Gameathon 2013 – The enbegininininining.

Well, I’m starting it up again, TeamBombshelter is live again for the 2013 Extra-Life.org 24 (or 25) hour gameathon. The proceeds not only go via the Childrens Miracle Network, but extra-life/CMN allows you to pick the specific hospital you want to funds to go to. Due to proximity, I’ve chosen the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario again this year (CHEO).

So, two things.

1] PLEASE DONATE! It’s a really good cause, you get a tax recipt, and the 100% of donation goes to the cause, NOT beauracracy.
2] If you’re willing, join the team. Last year, we set up five TV’s, a projector, and several PC’s and did a ton of multi-player LAN gaming. I’ve already been asked if tabletop is acceptable. IT IS. If you wanna play boardgames at 2am? I’m all for that. If you want to play from home, that’s awesome too.

last year, we raised just shy of $2700. I’d like to beat that this year.

We did it, much like this, if you want to see the fairly epic set-up:

To that effect, I’m not just gaming for 24 hours. I’m setting up a 24-hour RACE (one race) on Forza4. I plan on having a co-driver, so I can opt out for a few hours to play HALO deathmatch, but I want to race 24 hours. More details will follow, and I will be looking for other participants! If you’re a race fan, totally want you in! I’m working on classes now, but I will be running a 2010 3.8L Hyundai Genesis Coupe, modified, and tuned to B500 level/class, that should give you something to work with.

The event is November 2nd, 2013. I know, that’s like, three months from now. But I want to start now! If you want to join, join up, and start your own fund raising! If you want to donate, do it now, so I don’t have to bug you again. 😉


More will follow over the next little while!



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