Shootin’ Cars

I should probably duplicate this post over on >my photoblog, as it’s relevant there for photography, but, mostly, it’s about the cars, so, here she goes.

The Ottawa Genesis Coupe community has grown a little this year. A bunch of new cars, a lot of new mod’s, and some really distinctive stuff going on, especially as we now have a good number of the redesigned 2013 model floating around (i’m jealous of the drivetrain, less-so of the facelift).

I’ve taken some shots at the semi-sorta-kinda-weekly meets on a Friday night at Meadowlands/Merivale, but honestly, the light there sucks, it’s crowded, and teh background doesn’t exactly lend itself to good photography.


So, yeah, not optimal, that.

What this means is, photoshoot time.

I’ve done some of this before, obviously: by myself, and with Pwned88‘s car accompanying me. And, I think the locations that I’ve used before as as good as it gets in Ottawa, unfortunately, especially as far as access goes.

The driveway up to NAVCAN, off River Road, south of Hunt Club is a great spot. The back of Canterbury High School, with all its grafitti is also fantastic. I’m going to bike down under the Bronson Bridge, behind Brewer’s Park, and see if that’s accessible for the cars, too, because that’s a pretty damn good “ruin” type of back drop, too. The parking garage at the office building at Baseline/Merivale is also pretty good (if it’s still accessible after hours).

I’m also looking at the forecast and thinking Thursday this week (30th of May) is the day: it’s going to be warm (26oC) but only four hours of sunshine.

“Why would you want less sunshine?” you say? “Why wouldn’t you want Friday’s “Sunny” forecast?”

Well, honestly, a solid, bright, blue, sunny day is FUCKING hard to shoot. It’s great for super high contrast (which is my thing, I’ll admit), but it’s really difficult to get a relatively well-exposed shot as it tends to give you extremes. My preference is for at least some cloud cover (provides visual interest too).

I’m actually tempted to find an Umbrella and head out Wednesday by myself, when there’s thunderstorms forecast, and see if I can get some lightning with the car, too. Sometimes though, that’s just an effort in getting wet.

So, back to Thursday.

We’re looking at some heat, some sun, and some cloud cover: that’s good: minimizes the glare of the car, while providing some good contrast. If we head out around six, we can probably hit two locations that are fairly close together, before it actually gets dark (sunset is around 8:40pm, so, a bit of travel time probably leaves an hour at each location for shooting). And if we want to use the parking garage/structure, well, that’s lit inside, and always dark anyway, so we can do THAT after dark, if we want.

What I’m looking for is more this:

Sunset on the High Road III

Than this:

Genesis Coupe 5-8ths view low

I want to make some DRAMA. Dammit, I want to make ART, not just take pictures.

The question is, who can I get out on a Thursday night? I have a feeling it’s a tough call for Pwned88. It may be that Friday night (techincally, Friday’s forecast is for sun and 30oC BUT, as there’s supposed to be rain moving in on Saturday, we might start seeing the cloud coming in in the evening on Friday, which would make it pretty much perfect.

And that’s how it goes. if not this week, then next week, I guess.


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