[BIKING] More Feel Goods From Your Local Bike Store.

So, once again (and a little late) I have to rave about Joe Mamma, AKA @Ottawabike on Twitter.

My continuing saga with my SE Bikes Lager appears to actually be over. I went in two weeks ago, because, oddly, my 1-month-old bike had gone from ‘clunking’ from the freewheel cog, to being a true freewheel:

Yup, no connection to the wheel at all.

So, I took it in, showed ’em, and sure enough, everything is loose inside the freewheel. I’m gonna say that (giving SE Bikes the benefit of the doubt) that it was a badly manufactured freewheel, rather than they put a really, really cheap part on a $500 bike. But, the guys at Joe Mamma continue to be awesome, and I pimped Ass Savers too them, as well, so, hopefully, they’ll pick up a distributorship for that pretty cool and useful product, too.

At the end of the day, ALL the noise, the clank I’d had from day one, as well as the truly-free-wheeling-free-wheel, are solved.

So, skip department stores, and franchises, and patronize your local bike shop.

In OTHER related news, I did finally get my bullhorn bars on. Didn’t even take me that long. I could probably use cutting down the brake cables a little (the new brake pulls sit closer to the stem than the flat bar ones did, so I’ve got some extra room) but I wanted to leave ’em alone until I knew I was keeping the bars. Well, I think I’m keeping the bars. I dig the look, and I like the riding position. I can get a little more forward and aggressive when I want to, but still have a basically flat bar for control. Definitely seems to work for me. Even wrapped my own bars, and for the first time doing it, I don’t think I did a bad job. After two weeks of weather, and riding, they’re not loosening up, so, I consider that a win. I may pull ’em off again, and re-wrap them, but that’ll be for practice, and aiming for perfection.


Basically, what I’ve done is mimic the older version of the Lager, circa 2008/9.

And yes, that’s a Six Speed Graphix Save the Manuals vinyl on my helmet. Because I ride, but I’m a car guy.

I also managed to get my first 30km ride of the season in (my commute is only about 4km to work, and maybe 10km home, if I’m running errands/groceries). It wasn’t bad, lots of bugs down the river though. I learned that if I forgot my shades, I need to go back for ’em. Not much is more uncomfortable than digging noseeums out of your eyes. At 25km/h.

The down side of that ride is, I blew a tire out on the way home. Didn’t affect the ride, but I gotta get some new tubes. Or rather, I gotta get new tubes to replace my spare tube. Between that, and me waking up Saturday with a wrenched shoulder (no idea how I did that) I ended up not riding the CN CHEO 70km. Next year, maybe.


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