[CARS] TurboXS RS-D Exhaust, Makes The Car Come Alive

So, one of the things for the car I’ve been putting off, and putting off, is the exhaust. I did some work on it last summer: One of the guys on the forums was letting go the ARK 2.5″ downpipe and testpipe, so Jay and I got the car up in the air at the cottage, and got that done. Basically, it opens things up between the stock primary catalytic converter, and the stock cat-back exhuast: it also removes the restrictive secondary catalytic converter, and resonator.

What I found was the butt dyno said “not a ton of difference, but a little”. Given that it was removing restriction in the middle of the exhaust, but then re-restricting going into the stock catalytic-back exhaust.

Fast forward to this summer, TurboXS were doing a sale on the forum. And just for kicks, I asked about it. The number I got back was… Well, pretty much too good to ignore. Basically, after shipping, saved almsot three-hundred and fifty bucks. I got stung for $194 in duties/brokerage (caveat here: I don’t have a problem paying fair sales tax. But I do have a problem paying UPS for them to put a rubber stamp on a piece of paper: the vendor already PAID them for shipping, not sure why I’m paying an additional $80 for them to spend forty-five seconds filling in paperwork (if the vendor didn’t already do it) and put a rubber stamp on it. And then paying them a service fee, and a processing fee, so that they can perform the service of processing two additional fees. That $194? $72 of it was taxes. The rest was “fees”. But I digress.)

So, it arrived, and it was… awesome. I mean, even just sitting in the boxes.

TurboXS RSD exhaust

That was the night it arrived. Didn’t have time to get the car up in the air and get to work, so it had to wait for Friday afternoon. I had to take my bike into the shop for a bad bearing/freewheel (another story to be told) so I took the afternoon off work, and dealt with that. By 2pm, I was pretty much ready to get to work. Jacked the car up, and got my tools ready to go.

Now, it should be noted, if you want a “how to”… There’s a far better one than I can provide, here, on GenCoupe.com. I didn’t document a lot, because I was in a rush, as I had to take @dogandgarden to the gym at 7:30pm.

So, first thing to do was get the stock exhaust off the car. Good news is, because Jay and I had done the down- and test-pipe the previous summer, everything was relatively loose: none of the bolts were rusted into place, all that good stuff. Even last summer, we didn’t have the issue that kepone did in the instruction above, where the catalytic bolts were tacked in place. So, removing the stock catback was as easy as unbolting it at the secondary catalytic, unbolting at the muffler, and, as it turned out, it was easier to unbolt the mounts, rather than try to push the muffler mounts out of the rubber bushings.

Laying the whole thing out next to the TurboXS?

Looks like this:


So, obviously, gonna flow a little freer. As for the installation itself, well, refer to the link above. it’s pretty much dead on. I started at the Y-pipe, got it in place loosely. Moved onto the passenger side resonator, same thing, bolted to the Y loosely. Hung the passenger side muffler, which was, again, easier to do by installing the hanger bracket on the muffler, then bolting THAT back into place. When I was done all that, it looked like this:


Which, obviously, meant it was time for a beer.

After the beer, though, it was onto the second side.

There are no pictures for the second side. I was REALLY rushing through it, because I was running out of time. But, I got it done. I had an issue with the Y-pipe-to-test-pipe connection: the new cat-back is so much bigger than even the ARK test-pipe, it was tough to line them up so that the gasket lined up properly and didn’t leave an opening! Didn’t expect that to be the issue.

Beyond that, the install was pretty easy.

So, how does it drive?

Well, like I said, the butt-dyno says the extra flow has freed up some horses. Not a lot, for sure. But enough to be felt. Eventually, I want to do a high-flow catalytic converter (primary catalytic) to really make the most of the exhaust, and add the TurboXS Racepipe to replace the smaller diameter ARK down- and test-pipes, so that, with the high-flow cat, I’ll be a full 3″ exhaust right from the Turbo.

How does it sound?

Fucking. Awesome. Seriously, pardon my french, but it really does. Everything I had read said it was really loud. The reality is, maybe my definition of “loud” is skewed because of the muscle cars and trucks I’ve been around, but it’s definitely not as loud as I expected. In fact, at idle, it’s pretty unobtrusive, except for the first 20 seconds while the engine is in cold-idle at 1500rpm or so. At that point, it hits a harmonic in the car that you can feel in your eardrums. When that drops off, however, it’s low and mellow. As you get into the throttle, it starts to growl, and at wide-open-throttle, especially in the 1800-4000rpm range, it starts to bark and scream. Interestingly, I think it’s loudest at lift-off: There’s a wonderful burble and back pressure noise when you lift out of the throttle (again, especially at 3500rpm and higher) and let the engine coast a bit. Again, you get some of that harmonic resonance in the cabin, and it is, honestly, glorious. I love it. otherwise in regular driving, it’s really … I dare say sedate? You know it’s there, but it’s not in your way, and it’s not tinny or drone-y at all. I’ve still not had a solid run down the highway because one thing I found when I was doing the exhaust work is that every single brace for the rear diffuser (the grey bit on the back of the bumper, here is broken. They’re flimsy plastic. I’m looking for another option over the stock pieces, because they do take some buffeting and will take even more now that the stock muffler isn’t there to block some of the movement under the car. The diffuser has the nickname “the parachute” for a reason. I’m hoping some basic aluminum bent into a Z shape will do the trick, but I have to remember to go to Canadian Tire to see if I can find anything useful, before I bang it down the highway. From what I’ve seen at 80-90km/h on some of the short-hops in town though? Absolutely no highway/high-speed drone at 2500-3000rpm (75-95km/h in 5th, 100-120km/h in 6th). which is perfect. The girlfriend, who I was concerned about, not only doesn’t hate it, she LIKES IT. That’s a win in my book. I can’t WAIT to make a run up to Jay’s cottage on the B- and C- roads through Renfrew, Denbigh, Bancroft, and Gooderham (Ontario).

As of this writing, one of the other local Ottawa guys has a TurboXS GT (quad tip) exhaust, and yet another has just picked up and installed the TurboXS RS (single exit version of mine). So, we have all their catbacks. The only thing to do is do a video and photoshoot, and show all of ’em, on the same cars, at once. Duh.

In the meantime, here’s a random Youtube clip of the RS-D exhaust:


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