[BIKING] CN/CHEO Cycle May 5th, 2013

So, I did this, CN/CHEO Cycle a few years ago. In fact, here’s a picture. I’m not exactly the definition of a road cyclist. Right there, that’s the Devinci Stockholm I’ve referred to so often in my biking and bike-search posts. Beyond that, yes that IS a coffee, rather than water, that I’m having pre-race.

What? I’m not a typical ‘racer’.

I’m also not proud. Or good at style.

This year though, I’m thinking of doing it again. My two major fund-raisers are this, and the 24-hour gameathon. Both benefit CHEO. That was actually by accident. It just kinda happened.

I’ll admit, I’d spent the previous year riding, and the winter leading into it hitting the elliptical. This year, I’ve done none of these things. I rode (beyond the basic commute) very little last year. I kept meaning to hit the elliptical, this winter, but basically never got to it.

So, if I do this, it’s going to hurt.

A lot, probably.

It’s in three weeks. If I can get, oh, fifteen ‘training’ rides in before the May 5th race date? yeah, that’ll be impressive.

But you know what, I’ve always said, the walking and basic commuting make a difference. And, honestly, I’m just ORNERY. I’ll push myself to stupid lengths for something like this.

Oh, I’ll also “commute” to/from the race by bike. I don’t see any point in taking a car to a bike race. It’s about 12km each way.


  • Zero real training.
  • 24km on top of the 70km race. (or 35km, if I decide to take the shorter race option)
  • Last time I did it, the race was badly mis-measured (I clocked 81km in a 70km race, in 2h37m, just shy of 30km/h).

    Upsides are, I’ve got a significantly better bike this year. I’ll run the Opus Stern, and not my single-speed. it’s light, and quick, and really comfortable.

    All this said, it also depends on sponsorship. I’m definitely doing the 24-hour gameathon again this year, and as it’s for the same cause, it makes sponsorship tough. Asking people to donate to the same cause twice is tough, for me. But, it’s also a good cause, and I like both events because the money goes to a local charity, and 100% of the money actually GOES to the charity. The other issue with the CN/CHEO cycle is a $40 entrance fee. If I’m not getting some sponsorship from people, I’ll put my efforts into the gameathon, and keep my money in my pocket until then.

    So, those who actually read, especially from the Ottawa area, before I sign up and commit myself, would YOU sponsor a badly dressed biker, and THINK OF THE CHILDREN? If you would, say so. If I can get at least $100 in pre-sign-up guarentees, I’ll do it. in fact, I’ll let you guys pick the distance of the race too. Although I know damn well if I do that, you’re GOING to pick the 70km route. Because you’re all damn sadists. All of you. Sadists.

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