All The Things

Wowzers, it’s almost that time.

Spring is three things for me. First, biking. And, as I did, in fact, buy the SE Bikes Lager at Joe Mamma, I’m just waiting for the roads to clear properly so I can go pick it up. Between that, and my Opus Stern, I’m looking forward to a lot of riding this summer, both distance/exercise, and casual gettin’ places kind of riding. I want to keep my behind-the-wheel driving to a minimum, to save some cash, and so that I can do it when it’s enjoyable, rather than for errands and commuting.

I am, of course, going to nearly immediately modify the Lager. Because just like everyone else is never good enough for me, apparently.

Speaking of just like everyone else being not good enough, and not driving, it’s also almost time for my second spring-thing: car season.

Because I can’t wait to get the Genesis looking proper again.

Sunset on the High Road IV

I mean, the winter (ie. stock) wheels aren’t bad, by any means. But I miss my flush 19″ wheels, even if they’re not baller. I had hoped to do at least one or two additional things this summer, but given the expenses I’ve incurred recently, and that we’re likely to incur over the next few months, it looks like those things are on hold again. Which is too bad, but that’s life, right? There’s no reason I can’t put off a new exhaust, tune, and Coilovers under next spring. I’m also going to have to look for a clutch soon, as I’ve got slipping in 4th and 5th gear (hit 3800rpm at full throttle, revs jump to 4400rpm, then drop to 4000rpm and continue climing: slip’n’grab). I assume I’d have the same thing in sixth gear, too, but I’m honestly not brave enough to really get going THAT fast and try.

The only thing I definitely have to do is replace the Ixion Grill that shattered on me, last fall. I’m tempted to go either Sequence, or just get the Ixion again, or maybe even RoadRuns. But any way you look at it, I can’t run the awful stock grill all summer.

What the new car season also means is… car shows, and car events. I know the Toronto GenCoupe guys are planning a gokarting weekend at MoSport again (we did it last year and it was awesome) in June, and there’ll be the requisite local meets, runs up to Champlain Lookout, and probably a Toronto and/or Montreal meet or two. or three.

On top of that, I’m finally getting the Condensation in my taillights fixed, under warranty, with a new set of taillights. Installation happens Tuesday, which is awesome. I’m inordinately looking forward to that.

And the third thing is… PAX EAST. Yes, our annual gaming pilgraming is next weekend. This means video games that no one has played yet, hours of merch booths and mechandising freebies, nerdcore concerts, industry parties, and of course…

The PokéCrawl. Yes, A pokemon themed pub-crawl, through Boston. I cannot think of a better way to start PAXEast than drinking with five hundred other like-minded idiots. And yes, that me and the Ottawa crew in the “TRON” Style Pokemon sweaters. And yes, we built ’em. And yes, they are JUST THAT AWESOME.

This years will probably be even more epic. One can hope, no?

However, I’ve got a week to check out what panels I want to plan to hit: I’m getting more and more interested in the social culture and influence side of gaming. there were some fantastic poltical/social discussion panels last year, and I expect no less this year, as well. I just have to figure out which ones I want to hit.

In the meantime, I gotta finish my PokéCrawl costume before we leave on Thursday.


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