[BIKING] I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

I went into Joe Mamma on Friday, as I’d planned to, and the guys in there are FANTASTIC. If you’re in Ottawa, and especially in the Glebe, go see these guys. Super friendly, and actually INTERESTED in what you want to look at, not what they want to sell you. Smart.

But I digress.

I went in specifically to look at the SE BIKES Lager that I mentioned in the last post. Unfortunately, they didn’t have one in. However, they were expecting some, at least for sizing purposes by Tuesday. So, I left my number and went on my way. Doing an undisclosed speed down huntclub (around 2pm), my phone rang: obviously, I didn’t answer it, and didn’t get to check the voicemail until later in the evening. Turns out, it was Joe Mamma, and they actually had a 58cm/black Lager, and expected to have it built that evening. Unfortunately, my weekend was so jam packed I didn’t get a chance to go in and check it out, but given the shop’s attention to the customer (and, they left a great comment on my last post, too!) I definitely ahve to get in there. It is, as they say in the comment, not as aggressive a bike as I had been looking at in the Tomcat Uno. But, as I can’t get a response from Red2 Bicycles about whether or not they do have stock, or an over-looked needed update on the website, my option there is to build a black-on-white bike in their Build a bike

It comes in a little cheaper that way (about $485 shipped/tax-in) and comes with the bullhorn bars I want. However, I do like going to the local shop, and I LIKE Joe Mamma a lot, I’ve been in there a bunch of times over the last few years, and they’re always friendly. Also, local, which is cool.

So, what I’m tempted to do is go in, check the size, and if it’s good, pick-up and/or order an SE Lager:

And then order a set of bullhorns to go with it, like these:


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