[Friday Wants] The Gettin’ Shit Done Edition

It’s been AGES, right? Lets face it, I’ve either been talking about being stalked and that, sadly, is done now, or bikes, which really is a “want”. The bike thing is pretty much sorted out, but at the same time, might not be.

So, today is, hopefully, a gettin’ shit done day. Normally, it’s my every-second-friday-off-compressed-day. I’ve got a 10AM meeting though, that I can’t miss, so I’m going into work until noon and I’ll make up the time later.

This afternoon though it’s (hopefully):

  • A Haircut
  • Look at bikes locally if the online shit hasn’t worked out
  • Get a Organic Vapour Respirator To make Pokétron Costumes for Pax East
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