[GAMING] The Lost, Lonely Alien

I was really looking forward to, and hoping against hope for the success of, Alien: Colonial Marines: I love the franchise. And, I firmly believe both 1979’s “Alien” and 1986’s “Aliens” stand up today. THere’s been some terrible attempts at gamifying the franchise, but this one… This one had serious potential.

Sadly, the reviews have started to appear, and they are bad.

The game is so bad, apparently, that the entire badness of it: story, acting, cut scenes (or lack thereof), game- and character-boundaries, and lackluster effort can be summed up in one, tired, sad, pathetic, gif:

As @yumikid said to me the other morning: “I’d feel really bad about shooting this alien. This alien looks like it needs a blanket and a soother”

Yup. THat does about sum up this attempt to gamify the single most terrifyingly real Alien/SF/Horror franchise of all time.

Poor Alien. Why no one give you no respect?


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