On Being Haunted: So, I Starred In The Story (The Real End)

Earlier, I posted the final piece of the story, the haunting that’s been going on in my life. I had a hard time with that, now that I know what (and who) happened to me. So, here’s the REST of the story, because I can tell it. It’s not personal in a way I can’t talk about publicly, but I wanted to leave some of the mystery there for a little while. Specifically, I wanted to preserve the story that’s been told for my benefit. I figured that the best way to do that was to finish the telling my part in the story with a little mystery, and then explain it separately.

So, if you don’t want to know the final details of the elaborate (and awesome) hoax I’ve been subject to, then you should stop right about now.

Kept goin’ hunh?

Ok, so, the story so far is that I have, over the last three months, received a series of package. If you don’t know THAT much, go here and read the first seven or eight parts, and then read the Conclusion, here. What has happened is that the lovely @dogandgarden, despite all her protestations (and my belief) to the contrary, has been pranking me. For my birthday, in October. Out of spite.

You see, in late September, I decided I wanted a tactical axe.

I totally dig tools, tools are AWESOME. And who wouldn’t want a good axe? Especially when it’s a military/law-enforcement grade one. Especially when one has a zombie-plan, and explains it when people actually ask what it is, because one has a “Ask me about my zombie plan” hoodie.

Obviously, the “one” is me.

@dogandgarden was not thrilled by this idea. I have no idea why.

So, she contacted a fledgling company called The Mysterious Package Company, and gave them some details about what I like, and the way I think. And they did the rest. She was in contact with them the entire time: while she didn’t know exactly what was coming to me, she knew when it was going to happen, and was party to their reactions to my responses, via here. And, of course, via my blog. Like I said “fledgling” company. So, they’re still learning. And it appears that I provided a treasure-trove of information on reactions, by blogging.

Which, honestly, is wicked cool.

I, apparently, frustrated the shit out of them, and her, and a few others who were “in on it”, because I didn’t “get” one of the clues properly.

But, you know what? That’s ok.

I cannot imagine what a full-on, theatrical, shoot-for-the-moon experience from these guys would be like. Keep in mind, @dogandgarden got a mid-range package from ’em.

There were, actually, a couple of points at which the whole thing, (and keep in mind, this is just stuff via the mail) creeped the ever loving shit out of me. The repeat of the flyers, specifically, while I still didn’t ‘get’ what I was supposed to do, just really wierded me out, because it was appropriately stalker-y. “OH, you didn’t pay attention the way I wanted you to when I sent two flyers? Ok, here’s SIXTY. I’M WATCHING YOU”. No note, nothing. That is, well, creepy. What this was (and what I missed), was that this was an invitation (and a kick in the pants) to interact. It’s been suggested to me (because a few people know about all this now, and know that I know, that they know, that I know and ohmygodinfinityloop) that I could have sent a ‘demo’ to the recording company, which may have solicited more/different responses. It never even occured to me. I have a feeling that, given the voicemail message at the website’s phone number, a mucisian would have connected the dots better than I did.

But, despite that, I know where the story ends.

It’s different than what @dogandgarden envisioned. But I know, from the clues, in my mind, where the story ends. I may even write it, just for kicks.

But the good Dr. Moran? He ain’t dead. Not entirely. Not properly. And I’m pretty sure he wants his hand back, and the formula with it.

Seriously, insane props and respect to the guys/girls of The Mysterious Package Company. They did pretty damn much everything right, even when I didn’t play along properly. I had a freakin’ fantastic time, and I’m NEVER going to be able to match what @dogandgarden set in motion for me.

So, here you go. The ACTUAL contents of the final Mysterious Package.

Mysterious Package2

Mysterious Package3

The ‘personal message’?

Yeah, dead giveaway. There’s the aformentioned tactical axe, but also, in the style of The Rubberbandits – Horse Outside. I introduced her to the hilarity of the Rubberbandits, and the phrase “Fuck yer subaru, I’ve a horse outside” has become meme-like to us. It’s our language. We’re weird like that.

I was really torn on putting this out in public, I’ll be honest. I’d hate to ruin someone elses experience. At the same time, I really, really wanted to give credit to these guys, they did an unbelievable job. For the group of people who will, actually, really appreciate this kind of interactive/transmedia experience, they are gonna be awesome in the long term. The attention to detail? Totally stunning. There was no point at which I questioned the veracity of the material. My suspension of disbelief was maintained the entire time. In fact, I’m kinda disappointed it’s over, and I’m really, really envious of anyone who gets sent a package. It’s a mother of an experience.


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