[biking] Tribulations

I’m REALLY torn on which commuter to buy. I’ve been looking at some Canadian “design online” stuff (like Pure Fix Cycles, and it’s decent, but I’ll be honest, I still really want the Opus FX: Especially given the level of customer attention I recieved on twitter last week, when I asked about the price:

The problem is, they told me the price. And it’s significantly more than what I’d planned to spend. However, it MAY be the right bike. After all, I set a budget of $1200 max for my cyclocross last summer, and ended up spending $1600. Given a set budget of $600 for the commuter, going over by $200 seems to be about par for the course, don’t it? And it’s not like I don’t spend the time in the saddle.

What do you think, interwebs?

Do I:

a] throw it out there, and go for the Opus?
b] save the money, and get a lower-end machine?
c] wait until I count the change in my piggy bank, and then revisit the decision?

Option c] is legit: I know I’m sitting on about $300 in there now, and have another $150 that’ll be dropped in when a used item sells. That’s $450, maybe closer to $500 once I count up. That could turn the Opus into a $400 bike, out-of-pocket. It could also turn a PureFix bike into a free bike, as they “base” at $325.

Lets face it, I’ve recently incurred a butt-load of expense, in the form of a filling that chipped out, and took half the tooth with it, needing a fifteen-hundred dollar crown to fix it. On top of that, I promised myself the new Turbo XS RSD Exhaust for the car, at the very least (I’d like Coilovers and a tune as well, but that’s not likely on the books this year now). There’s also PAX East coming up in March.

Dammit, looking at that, I think my decision is made. I think it’s the PureFix. And if that’s the case, all I gotta do is Choose what color combination I want. They’re actually getting pretty good reviews.


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