On Being Haunted, Pt. 8

Yup, it’s another package. And, while I had no idea what to make of the last two, with them basically being lumps of band flyers, I REALLY don’t know what to make of this one.

First, I had to sign for it, it’s a big enough package, and is labeled directly from Mad Dog Records:

1 - the box

I’ll be honest with you. At this point, that’s big enough to contain a severed head. It didn’t, however, have the weight of a severed head. Or, at least, what I would assume would be the weight of a severed head, having never been in contact with one.

So, slicing the tape, I see this:

02 - the box - just opened

Might as well start at the top. Open the envelope:

03 - inside the envelope 04 - package of articles

What you can see in the closer look of the articles, un-papercliped (is that a word? I doubt it) shows four newspaper articles, and a burnt, tattered, hand-written note. The articles are a spread: Gravenhurst Banner, April 28th, 1919; Gravenhurst Banner, November 30th, 1920; The Citizen, Ottawa, November 20th, 1943; and The Citizen, Ottawa, November 21st, 1989.

Before you ask the obvious question: the Ottawa Citizen was founded in 1845, and was renamed AS the Citizen in 1851. So, no easy way to find out if the articles are fake that way. The Gravenhurst Banner was founded in 1886. Everything fits so far, right.

Oh, the letters. here you go. I’m transcribing each of them into the flickr link/image comments, to save a little space.

05 - all the articles

08 - April 28, 1919 09 - November 30th, 1920

06 - Wednesday November 20, 1943 07 - Tuesday November 21, 1989

Ok, so, we have, in order.

The 1919 disappearances, of which our friend Gregory Delainey is one of nine. You’ll remember, I recieved nine patient records in a package late last year.

The fire in 1920, claiming the life of an unknown patient, showing us the severely decayed corposes of eight more, and the life of Dr. Moran (the doctor on the nine noted records). Who was missing his hand, from the wrist, at the Muskoka Free Hospital for Consumptives.

In 1943, someone in Ottawa recieves a “prank” letter, written in “Chicken blood”, talking abut crazy things, and sounding like a lunatic. Sounds pretty familiar

In 1989, also in Ottawa, much the same thing. Some crazy letter from Muskoka, could have been in blood.

Now, final piece is the burnt “diary” entry:

10 - the note

A mish-mash of test results regarding rapid decay of test-subjects after death, increased pain response, and a formula.

So, when you read all that (as I did) you want to delve deeper into the box, don’t you? Well, inside the box, among all the packing peanuts, is… A box.

11 - inside the packaging

When I pulled that out, I found a wooden box, marked with Gravenhurst TB Hospital, and Sterile bandages.

12 - box within a box

It was nailed shut,s o I had to go get a hammer and a prybar to open it up (cautiously. I still wasn’t sure what I’d find inside it, but it definitely wasn’t head size. Unless it was a shrunken head).

13 - prying the box open

And inside that…

14 - the severed fist

15 - the severed fist & vial

A severed hand, decayed, broken off viciously at the wrist, still clutching a vial of what I can only assume is the formula. Because, i can only assume that this old, but partially preserved artifact is the missing hand of Dr. Moran.

I’ve not had chance to google any of the names attached to the articles yet, but I’m going to. But, this definitely seems like a zombie story to me now.


4 Responses to On Being Haunted, Pt. 8

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  2. Jaimie says:

    SO COOL! What does it feel like?

  3. Jeannie says:

    Body parts now! This is an excellent adventure.

  4. Kevan Flood says:

    When you’re done with the hand can I have it for cruise control on the bike??

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