[BIKING] Dammit. I Have a Fixed Problem.

I had, at the end of last year, decided that a] my old primary bike, and recently my commuter bike, my beloved 2003 Devinci Stockholm was on it’s last legs, and needed replacing and b] that I would replace it with a single speed bike.  That’s all still on the table.  I started saving money, my change jar is approaching $450 (with some lump-sum infusion) and I’m getting ready to start shopping, and actually pull the trigger.

See, I’d looked around all the mail-order, online bike shops, like Big Shot Bike, Regal Bikes, and State Bicycle, and kinda decided that I wanted to buy a brand I’m familiar with, that I know won’t give me any trouble.  I’d pretty much, in fact, stettled on either a Marin Dominican or Marin Inverness.  I had gone as far as to seriously investigate the Inverness at Fosters Sports & Cycle here in Ottawa, and found it on season close-out for $479.  So, imagine my surprise when I hit the Marin Bikes website this morning, and found that not only are those two bikes discontinued for the 2013 model year, but so are the Hamilton 29er 2-speed, Hamilton 29er, and Point Reyes 29er.

First thing I gotta do, I gotta go to Fosters this weekend, and see if they still have an Inverness in my size, and how much it is.

If that’s a no go, well, I’m on the hunt for a single-speed again.

I’d still really dig a Felt Brougham, especially in white:

I have a feeling, however, that’s going to be well out of my range in terms of price.  I’m not spending a grand on my commuter.  In fact, I’m setting the limit at $550, tax-in.  THat not only means my change jar covers the majority of (if not all of) the cost, but again, I don’t mind leaving it locked up outside a bar, etc.  That’s my big issue with my (beautiful) Stern Cyclocross: it’s too expensive for me to feel comfortable leaving it locked up anywhere.

Technically, that beautiful white bike isn’t even sold in Canada.  The Brougham Stealth Black however, is sold here, for $649 MSRP.  The “whiteout” above, appears to be sold in Canada as technically a “gunmetal” paint.

Of course, if I can find a price to see if it’s “allowed” the Opus FX might get a shot:

Same white-on-white paint scheme, and I do love my current Opus Stern.

The Norco Heart is still on the books, too, at $415.

I’m still not sure I want to go with BigShotBikes.  I like their bikes, and some of their “limited” stuff is great.  In fact, if I lived in the states, I wouldn’t even think twice.  But $125 in shipping (fucking FEDEX, who I despise) and then duty/taxes/admin fees on top of that?  Even with one of the bikes I like (Mantis Green, $299, from $429) that still probably makes the bike $400-$500.  Effectively, shipping could nearly double the cost.  Why wouldn’t I just buy a $400-$500 bike, then?

Especially as Regal Bicycles out of Toronto ships free, tax-in in Canada, for under five-hundred bucks. If I’m going to go mail-order, I may as well go with a semi-local dealer. The only issue there is that the two bikes I like most of theirs are the two that aren’t on sale for $427 shipped/tax-in! As usual, I have the expensive taste.  But, their spring sale should be starting up soon too, and then I’d have something fairly individual and unique, too.

For those interested, this is the one I like most, the Duke:

Ah well.  As you may have guessed with me, I’m not happy unless I’m doing research on something, be it bikes, computers, cameras, cars, or performance parts.  So, the thrill of the hunt IS part of the fun for me!


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