Readin’ and readin’.

I made a mistake. I ended up in Chapters, in the discount section. So, of course, I ended up with three new hard covers.

Two are staples: David Drake, adn Raymond E. Feist. The other, however, was a bit of a “hummm. that looks neat”.

And for five bucks, I can’t turn that down.

So, I came home with Mike Carey’s Dead Men’s Boots.

So far, at about a hundred pages in, I dig it. It’s a little bit classically British. It’s a little bit urban fantasy. It’s a little bit Harry Dresden.

Ok, it’s actually a lot Harry Dresden.

Which is fine by me.

What I didn’t expect, as it stands alone very well, is that this is book three in a series (currently five books) staring Felix Castor.

So far, I can really recommend this one if you dig the Dresden Files, Sandman Slim kind of gritty urban fantasy. Good stuff.


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