I’m Being Haunted, Pt 6

Well, here we are again. Got a no-return-address piece of mail on Tuesday (This’d be mid-December, actually, I’ve been reaaally busy with work/life, and this is about the first time I got to get all the material together), same M4L (Toronto) postmark, similar labeling. What’s funny is, I can spot ’em in the mailbox now, I’m getting used to the regularity (although, I did figure it’d be a little while until the next one).

What I got was two copies of a band flyer, promoting a “new release” of a single:


So, HellSword is a real band. Mad Dog Records, however, may be real, but the site there is a fake. Even if they layout and style from 1996/geocities wasn’t a give away, the whois report is.

Created 2012-11-13. About ten days after my first encounter, and just about the same day (I’d guess) as the second piece was mailed.

Under the assumption that at some point, the site will just go away, here are screen caps!




So, like I said, the site appears to have been created just for this prank. Again, a couple of bucks, not much more than the postage/shipping was on the third item.

What have we got there?

Well, not much. The phone number is legit (I’ve not called it, but someone else has, it gets “Mad Dog Records” voicemail). I’m guessing the email is too. the AOL link does nothing. Maybe that’ll come later, or was put together and then taken down?

And, I say “legit” as in “they work, and represent what they claim to represent”.

The interesting stuff:

On the “history” page, there’s a reference to William “Billy” Savage, son “Randolph Savage”, and “Pianist Gregory Delainy”. Delainy apparently ‘disappeared’ after signing with Big Town Records around 1917/1918, in 1919.

There’s no record of a pianist (and definitely not a famous one) named Gregory Delainy.

However, I took a quick boo back through the “patient records”/admission records I was sent in the third mailing and… lookit that. Gregory Delainy.

Patient Record 4

Same as the rest, self-admitted, minor mental issues, violence (which doesn’t actually fit the character of what I now know about the Muskoka Free Hospital for Consumptives: It was a cottage community for rest and relaxation (the treatment of the time for Tuberculosis), not an “asylum” as people think today of the word “Sanitarium”) and basically, late stages Tuberculosis.

The list of bands is varied, and vaguely interesting.

  • Pale Cobra: Only exists on the Mad Dog Records page
  • Hell’s Compadres: awesome name for a band, but only on MDR’s page
  • The Killer Bees: wierdly, a band of rappers associated with Wu-Tang Clan
  • Iron Wolf Snake Only on MDR’s page
  • Rage Inferno: an energy drink
  • The Death: Too generic to search. There MUST be an indie band out there with that name though.
  • Leather Monster: Only on MDR’s page
  • HellSword: A real band.
  • BattleScream: A real band.
  • One Gun Charlie: A neat story of wartime agreements from Vietnam

    In other words, the only connection I can see is the made-up pianist, “Gregory Delainy”. And, interestingly, the spelling of “Delainy” is so distinctive that Google initially only provides results after it corrects it to “Delany”: if you tell it to do “Delainy” only, as you typed… the only reference on the intertoobs is, yup, you guessed it, Mad Dog Records.

    If you google Big Town Records you get compilations of blues music from the “Bob Geddins Big Town Records Story”.

    In other words, along with MDR, it appears “Big Town Records” of Bracebridge, ON is made-up too. There’s a bunch of “Big Town Records” studios, through the last hundred years or so, but all in the states (primarily Michigan and California). Another dead end.

    of course, assuming this is a prank, there may be no REAL cohesion to the whole thing, just a continuing stretch of mailings that vaguely reference touch stones, real or imagined. There may be no ‘lead’ to chase down.

    Unless you, dear readers, have any insights I’ve missed.

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