Readin’, Readin’, and Readin’.

Seems to be that time of year when people talk about what they plan on reading for the year. I generally can’t think that far ahead, but what the hell. I always know I’ve got a few “must hit” books coming into my heap, and I can generally talk about some of the stuff I’ve been reading in the last little while, too.

I’ve been spending more and more time with my kindle app on both the phone and tablet. There’s a plethora of great writers who give away their books in promotions to get themselves some press, or price it in the “I don’t have to think much about buying this” bracket of $0.99. I’ve read a ton of these guys and girls in the last six months, including: M.A. Rogers – Chivalry is Undead, Matt Hults – HUSK, Benjamin Kane Etheridge – Bottled Abyss, C.L. Bevill – Bubba and the Dead Woman, John Urbancik – Dark Walker, Chris F. Holm – Dead Harvest, Christa Faust – Hoodtown, Pip Ballantine/Tee Morris – The Janus Affair, A Ministry of Peculiar Occurances novel, and Mandy DeGeit – She Makes Me Smile, and I’ve bought more than that. Those are the ones that stuck with me, primarily though, and I’ll recommend each of ’em. I’ve just not had time to read ’em all yet.

What’s waiting in the (Kindle)wings?

Robert Swartwood’s “Man of Wax Trilogy”, Chuck Wendig’s BlackBirds and Mockingbird, Nathan Robinson’s Starers,

I paid a still fair full-price for a few ebooks too: very specifically, Jake Bible’s Apex Trilogy, composed (or, depcompsed, depending on your zombie/mech perspective), DeadMech, The Americans, and Metal & Ash

You can also get, for $0.99/month, the monthly Fantasy & Science Fiction, Extended edition, which is a great sampler and a fantastic place to figure out some new authors (or, find old authors you’ve not read before) within the genre.

If you’re STILL looking for affordable reading material, I highly recommend keeping an eye on the humble bundle. I managed to snag the Humble Ebook bundle a few months ago, for twelve bucks, and included in that was Dunkin the Vampire Slayer, Zoo City, and Old Man’s war (Greg Crites, Lauren Beukes, and John Scalzi, respectively), along with about fifteen other nifty little pieces, including two of the Penny Arcade ebook compilations.

After that, we get to the “real books”. And, weirdly, I’m starting my year with two pieces of non-fiction.

  • Visit Sunny Chernobyl
  • Engines of Change: A History of the American Dream in Fifteen Cars

    I also want to reread The Hobbit, now I’ve just seen the first movie (which I enjoyed).

    The fifth book of Scott Sigler’s GFL series will be coming out in the late summer/early fall, and I will be getting that on pre-order when it hits.

    I still have this stack of books next to the bed, too.

    I do try to keep GoodReads updated, but I do forget. I have an easier time with physical books, oddly, because I can just scan the barcodes, where I have to go searching for titles and authors from ebooks. Kindle, Kobo, here’s an idea: put a goodreads link the software, while you’re busy linking ot social media, mmm’kay? If you’re going to have ONE social media hook-up in your software, it should be goodreads, not facebook or twitter.

    Even if you’ve never read anything on a device before, I recommend grabbing any one of the apps, either market-specific, like Kindle or Kobo, or open-format, like Aldiko. Personally, I use a combination of Kindle and Aldiko. I love the convenience and ease of the Kindle/amazon marketplace, but I do buy from other retailers, like AngryRobotbooks, and while you can add your files to the appropriate folder on the Kindle app, I like keeping them seperate. In fact, I want a way to download and archive the .mobi files that Kindle uses, to store. I don’t THINK Kindle’s going anywhere, but I bought ’em, and they’re mine. Dammit. Oh, and through the power of the internet, here’s the how, approximately.

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