[GAMING] #OSCeasefire

I will be taking part in the #OSCeasefire on Friday the 21st of December, 2012. I think this is a really important thing, despite initial thoughts that it was slacktivism.

I mean, what can stopping playing video games for twenty-four hours actually accomplish?

Well, a lot, I think. And important things in terms of perspective.

The #OSCeasefire, for those who don’t know, is an initiative put forth by @BlackBible via gamerfitnation to show respect, and support, for the victims and families, and all those affected by the Sandy Hook Massacre. You can find more details on Facebook.

This is not an admission that violent games lead to violent acts. In fact, it is the opposite.

From what I see, this is a community coming together to say that we understand the correlations that people are making. That we understand the issues at hand. That we are, in fact, paying attention to the world outside gaming. That we support honest, considered action on Mental health issues (ie. health care), gun control, and responsibility. That we support those who continue to be hurt by these terrifying, and all-too regular occurences of blinding, senseless violence.

I have a lot more that I could say on the topic, but maybe another day.

For now, this is about doing what gamers are actually very good at. Showing support as a community.

So, I will be putting my virtual guns down.

More importantly, I will be making a SPECIFIC effort to play some games during the day. And they will be competitive, non-violent games.


One Response to [GAMING] #OSCeasefire

  1. rhiosace83 says:

    I hadn’t heard of this before reading your post. I will be joining in. I agree with what you’ve written, I might dig out portal 2. Great post, thanks for informing.

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