On Being Haunted (Pt 4)

So, here we are again. It’s the 28th of November, and you’ll remember that in On Being Haunted Part 2 I said I kinda figured there’d be more contact on the 29th.

And sure enough.

A package. Big one this time. And with some heft to it.

When I opened it up, I found this inside:

01 - The package

Unbound, there’s another folder inside the portfolio:

03 - Inside the portfolio

The name on the folder appears to be “E. Moran”, with a reference number: “W-B” or maybe “W-13”.

Inside the folder? Nine patient records:

05 - all the files contained

One of them (and only one) was in the file upside down, comapared to the rest. I have no idea if that has any significance.

Hell, to be honest, I don’t know if there is any signfiicance to any of it! I’m still working under the assumption that I’m being pranked by a very, very creative friend, rather than you know, some crazy stalker, or, some DEAD, crazy stalker.

So, the records… wanna see ’em?

Patient Record 1 Patient Record 2

Patient Record 3 Patient Record 4

Patient Record 5 Patient Record 6

Patient Record 7 Patient Record 8

Patient Record 9

I’ve not examined them in detail yet, but so far, the commonalities are, well, what you might expect.

  • All admitted between 3/28 and 4/27
  • No year attached
  • All admitted voluntarily for psychiatric care
  • All diagnosed with trouble breathing, chest pain, and “T.B.”: given that the hospital was for consumptives, it’s a fair assumption that that “T.B.” notation is “Tuberculosis”.
  • All on the same ward
  • all with “E. Moran” as the supervising physician
  • all with anotation of mental state on admission.

    I’ve got… nothing. I know the old hospital still stands, it’s empty, and like any abandoned facility, they never get all the records out. which means, these were probably grabbed from the location. If they’re fakes? Well, I doff my hat to whoever made ’em. They’re REALLY good fakes. The handwriting is exactly what you’d expect: even, concise, neat. The paper is battered, and dry, but in decent shape. It’s the kind of thing you do find on UrbEx expeditions, sometimes.

    And I still don’t know who’s at it.

    If the dates are an indicator? Well, maybe it’ll be four months (late March) before I see anything else. If that’s not a factor.. who knows? I’m at a loss. I’ve got nothing. I can’t find anything with the google-fu on E. Moran as a physician at The Muskoka Free Hospital for Consumptives, and I’ve not had time to google the names of the patients yet.

    It all still remains a mystery.

    Oh, yeah, and previous posts are:


  • 10 Responses to On Being Haunted (Pt 4)

    1. JFlo says:


    2. markramsden says:

      What the crazy lady is talking about is, each of the patients is also marked for treatment under “Moran Trial”. What that means or implies, I dunno.

    3. nick says:

      Posting actual medical records is extremely unethical. Family members are the ones who can give you permission to post such things publicly, not “ghosts”. *If* those are real medical records you should return or destroy them. If they are fakes, well thats a whole other kettle of ethical fish, isnt it?

      • markramsden says:

        If these were modern records, of people currently in treatment, or at least, recently treated and still living, I’d agree with you. But, if they’re real, they’re not any of that. Howver, if a family member, or official approached me about it, I’d be more than happy to take them down. That said, these appear to be admission records, strictly administrative, rather than actual medical records. Given the supposed age, it’s tough to tell. I may be playing up the drama on the whole thing somewhat, partly because, opening one of these packages every few weeks is, well, unnerving! But, at the same time, it makes for some fun story telling. So, maybe calling them “Patient Records” was misleading/a misnomer.

        That said, genealogical sites publish and hold a lot of this information, and there are specific records open to the public for families to search for records of say, World War One plastic surgery patients of Dr. Harold Gillies (Neat thing about this whole mystery is that I’m learning a whole bunch of new stuff).

        As you say, this is, of course, even assuming they’re real, and honestly, until it’s proved to me that they are real, I’m pretty much working under the proviso that they are elaborate (and exceptionally well executed) fakes.

        I would never publish obviously legitimate, current, private medical records, for obvious reasons. However, the only way to find out more about this situation, I think, is to get others input: if it turns out they’re legitimate, AND private, then, down they’ll come. If it turns out their legitimate, and just administrative, I don’t see any reason to pull ’em down. If it turns out they’re fake, well, obviously, they’re staying up as part of the elaborate prank I’m apparently being subject too.

    4. saleema says:

      I have a theory…it’s part of an elaborate promo scheme for a horror movie involving a psychiatric hospital.

    5. Becka says:

      Any more news?

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