On Being Haunted, Pt. 3

So, the notes on the postcard do actually mean something. And, my awesome friend, Jaimie, recorded them for me, sent me the file, which I then youtubed and… here you are:

See the story so far here, and here


4 Responses to On Being Haunted, Pt. 3

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  2. bK says:

    Hello ! Thanks for your articles about TMPC.
    I don’t understand how you find the youtube video. How playing some notes can link you to it ?

    Thanks !

    • markramsden says:

      Hey! I made the youtube video: one of my friends knows music, she turned the notes on the postcard into music and sent it to me. I added a picture to it, and put the whole thing on youtube.

  3. CJ says:

    To find the music from the story, you’ll have to click through to Video #18.

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