[FRIDAY WANTS] Crass Consumerism Roolz!

Yup, it’s been a while, but I still want stuff.

1] I need a set of headphones for biking. I’ve got a few months before I get serious, but I’m starting to look. And right now, these Sennheiser-adidas OMX 680‘s look pretty good. I (and others) have had issues with sweat affecting both the headset and even the player/phone so, something that gets around that is a good thing.
2] Fanatec CSR/CSR Elite Racing Wheel and Pedals. @dogandgarden bandied around the idea of getting me the Logiteck G27 for my birthday, but it’s only PS3/PC, and I’m Xbox. However, after spending most of the Extra-Life.org 24 hour gameathon playing Forza4, I think it’s definitely time to step up to a better wheel/pedals combo, with a clutch pedal. It’s a chunk of cash ($350+shipping for the good one), but all-aluminmum build says it’ll last forever. And there’s no other option on the market for the xbox right now, sadly. And given that I’m thinking about doing something REALLY DUMB for Extra Life next year, I’m going to need this.
3] I’m also still looking for a new set of over-the-ear headphones. I’m now tempted by the (somewhat ridiculous) Audio Technica ATH-AD700‘s for $165 or so. The Klipsch Image ONE are also a smokin’ deal for $95, but a smaller 40mm driver (the ATH’s are a monstrous 53mm).
4] I don’t care. I TOTALLY want this axe. I think it’s an excellent in-the-car-emergency-tool. ALSO TOTALLY FUCKING BADASS.


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