[GAMING] Borderlands2, Bullymongs, and Killer Robots

I didn’t get a chance to play Borderlands 2 for a few days, just due to general business over the holidays, and then trying to get stuff done this week. Last night though, I got to fire up for a few hours before the girl got home, and wouldn’t you know it? It was Mechromancer day.

I admit, I didn’t pre-order, so this is my own fault: I paid the 800xbl points for the class, and other junk that comes in the pack. And that’s fair enough. But there’s been a lot of talk about DLC and whether or not it’s just pick-pocketing. I should probably weigh in on that, eventually. But not today.

Today is about the Mechromancer.

I get why they didn’t introduce the Mechromancer upon release: the character is integral to some of the story (at least the side story) so giving the character away up front would have been an early spoiler. So, this is a warning to all o’ y’all (yes, I said “all o’ y’all). If you’ve not played through a chunk yet, don’t start with the Mechromancer. You’ll deprive yourself of some fun.

Given that, if you don’t want to know anything about the character class, don’t read further. If you want to know my general thoughts on it? Get crazy with it. This won’t be long.

SO, the tech tree is a very different beast to any of the classes that have come before.

Almost everything in the character-specific (advantages to shooting, aiming, etc) come with penalties as well. And as the bonuses grow, so do the penalties. That’s going to make, I think, for some very, very interesting characters. I also think that this is a balance for the primary skill, the ‘bot.

The bot, even at first level, hacked through a spawn of Bullymongs. With a few levels into making it tougher, and last longer, it’ll be a hell of a tool. The general feel early on is, that it’s an ambulatory version of the Commando’s Turret. Which, again, I’ve always favoured, and felt that is a significantly more powerful tool than the majority of the other abilities. Not the least of the bonuses of both the turret and the ‘bot is that they draw fire away from you.

Still, the mechromancer remains interesting given the cost of upgrading one thing, being balanced by a downgrade on another. That’s going to make upgrading her tree a lot more strategic, and long term in the planning. And yeah, sure, you can always go and reskill her, but… the thought process is pretty attractive too.

Like I said though, I’m wondering how balanced she’ll end up being. Early on, she’s tough, and develops quick. If that continues, she’s going to outstrip other characters REALLY quickly, at similar levels.

I’ve still not really tried either the Gunzerker, or Siren. I assume the Siren is fairly close in abilities to Lilith’s from the first game: evolution rather than evolution. And we all know what a Gunzerker’s good at, although I can’t wait to try out the dual-wield capability. I’m planning on running each of the characters up to about level thirty, and get a good feel for each of their abilities. Whoever I favour by then will get the full treatment of playing through the DLC as it becomes available, and possibly the repeat runs through on harder difficultly that I did with Roland in the first game (I think Roland ended up around level 74 or so).

It’s definitely looking like I’m going to get the same extended gameplay out of 2 that I did out of 1, though. And that’s worth the price of admission. Of course, you still gotta buy the drinks and popcorn, but that’s a post for another day.


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