[BIKING] Derailleur? I Barely Know’er! aka Stuck In Seventh Gear


Well, maybe not. For all the biking I’ve done over the years, I still am hazy as to how bike gears are numbered.


Where I am is in 1 (outside ring on the crank triple), and 7 on the cassette (of nine). I’ll call that seventh. Although if the count is from the inner crank ring, then I guess I’m probably stuck in … twenty-fifth gear.

Still, what it means is, I’m effectively riding a single-speed bike right now. I’m standing up on the pedals to get up hills, where I’d normally downshift, and basically, my calves look fucking great.

I guess I can consider this training for the single speed next spring, hunh?

I’ve still not decided for sure which single speed, or even if I get a single speed, or maybe go for an internal three- or eight-speed. We’ll see what happens. Given the experience I’m having now (It’s damn hard work, and I’m not used to this particular kind of burst weight-lifting on my bike: I’m used to downshifting and easing the burden, while maitaining the effort), I think I still really like the idea of a single-speed for commuting and general banging around. That kind of effort can only lead to good things in terms of getting back in shape, and it also can’t hurt my distance and endurance riding when I’m on my geared beast.

I’m enjoying riding in one gear though. Even over the last three days biking to work, I’ve noticed a particular uphill run (about half a kilometer) get easier as I do it again and again on the ride in in the morning.

And riding in a single gear really is the power-lifting of the cycling world. Holy crap.


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