[Extra-Life.org 24-hour Gameathon] THE PLAN.

Team Bombshelter is officially signed up for the gameathon on the 20th of October. And yes, it’s a true 24 hours of gaming. We’ll be starting sharp at 8am, and carrying through, day and night, until 8am on the 21st.

What does it help? well, I already talked about that, but here’s a recap: The money goes to Chidren’s Miracle Network, and I’ve specifically chosen the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario as the institute where the funds get directed.

So, first, you should Sponsor me, by clicking here. It’s tax deductable, and you can do a lump sum, a ‘per hour’ amount, or split your donation over twelve months (so, say, $120 donation, $10/month for a year).

Not exactly a hardship, eh?

What’s our plan?

Well, I’m sensing some Forza4 early in the day. I’m sure we’ll have some Borderlands2 as well.

I know for a fact there’ll be some LAN-sanity in the form of HALO, and we might go old-school with that one.

If you’re interested, I’m gonna live tweet the whole thing. Why? Because we can! And, well, why not? I’m considering setting up a Ustream, same reason. But following @boozysmurf on twitter will get you laughs, I’m sure, as we get tired, wired (coffee), drunk (beer) and even more tired as the day progresses.

I think the set-up will be, with @mightdogking‘s cooperation the following:

  • two TV’s in the living room, back to back. One 47″, one 42″. Xbox360’s on both.
  • PC’s in the dining room and kitchen for those that game that way
  • Blingdomepiece‘s Monster RockBand rig in the basement, with MightyDogKing’s projector on the freshly painted wall.
  • anything else where it’ll fit

    That’s the basics. Donations, well, there’s six of us on the team right now, and everyone’s doing the part. Those six? They’re gonna end up being the one’s who go all night.

    Anyone else who wants to show up and play? They’re welcome to. But, we will be requiring a donation at the door.

    I’m hoping that, for our first year doing this, we can raise a thousand bucks. I set our goal much lower than that, because, welll…. Just to be sure.

    But it should be a lot of fun, and most of all, it’s a really, really good cause.

  • 2 Responses to [Extra-Life.org 24-hour Gameathon] THE PLAN.

    1. I have several streaming accounts we can use and will most definitely set up a Google Hangout for those that care to peek.

      Simon and I will most likely be playing some FPS-type stuff — TF2, L4D2 are both incredibly likely.

      Can’t wait!

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