Here’s A Thing I Want To Do For My Birthday.

Birthdays have gotten more and more mellow the last few years. For me, I don’t really even care that much. It’s a day, right? What I do care about, more, is that if we do something, I get to see my friends. Now, as you should know by now, my friends are a fairly diverse bunch: gamers, car geeks, nerds of all stripes and colors. That’s a good thing. Everyone should be a nerd about something.
And, by now, you should be aware that I’m a nerd of several flavors. I’m a book nerd, a car nerd, a gamer, an occasional costumer, and a photographer. Those are all geeky pursuits.

But, I’m also a drinker, and I’ve been a partier and, yes, even a frat boy. Although that was mostly to show that anyone could be. And there was beer.
So, here’s my birthday. Thirty-Nine. And I’m all of these things.

What I want to do is a little charity work. A little organization called Extra Life is running a charity for Children’s Hospitals. It just so happens that the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario is on the list of hospitals you can select to donate to.

What do you have to do, you ask?

Well, you have to game for twenty-four hours. Portable, mobile, xbox, PS3, Nintendo, whatever. Twenty-four hours of gaming, and go get some pledges.
I’m thinking that the old Bombshelter crew, and our newer compatriots, should take up this mantle. I think we should raise a few bucks for the Children’s hospital, by playing some video games. And, lets face it, probably getting drunk. We already raise funds and donate them when we do the PokéCrawl at Pax East in Boston, and that money goes to the very similarly oriented Childs Play charity.

See, Extra Life doing this on three seperate days. One of them is Saturday October the 20th. That’s three days before my birthday. Perfect. Serendipitous, even.

@dogandgarden and I have two TV’s and two functional xboxes in the house. With a little effort, I bet we could make that three of each (borrowing, not buying). Add the network in general in-house, and XBL, and We’re pretty much set to be the perfect storm of drunken idiocy.

I’m thinking play through the entire HALO story in one weekend? Maybe have a race-room running Forza4? Or, can we get in-house LAN running for some Borderlands2 multiplayer?


So, I’m gonna throw this out there to the crew. If there’s interest, I’ll put a team together. Then we gotta raise $200. That’s where anyone who’s NOT involved can help. I’m pretty sure there’ll be a team link you can donate to. And if you donate via ours, well, Ok. you’re not going to get anything.

Except you can feel good knowing you helped out the kids. And won’t someone think about the children?

Seriously though, forget the children. Think of me. Help me play video games all weekend on my birthday.


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