[CARS] “And There’s One More Girl You Won’t Be Getting”

Yup, Tone-Loc knew it in the 80’s and we know it now. North American auto-manufacturers continue to refuse to give us the wagons we want.

Case in point, here’s the 2014 Mazda6 Wagon/Estate. Which, I may have mentioned, we WON’T BE GETTING.

There’s all kinds of coverage of it. It’s beautiful. It’s probably going to have a great line-up of engines (including the 2.2L twin-turbo diesel, which they won’t offer in anything in North America).

Can I reitirerate? They won’t sell us this. Like Hyundai appears to be unlikely to sell us the thoroughly desirable Sonata Wagon aka i40, or the Chevy Cruze wagon, the Toyota Fielder that I’ve railed about before, and given that it’s a kissing cousin of the Ford Mondeo, sold here as the Ford Fusion, it’s probably unlikely we won’t see the Ford Fusion wagon, either.

As of this year, Volvo, VOLVO doesn’t sell a wagon in North America.

But I’m not bitter, at ALL.


2 Responses to [CARS] “And There’s One More Girl You Won’t Be Getting”

  1. How are the XC60 and XC70 not wagons? Because some marketing wank said so?

    • markramsden says:

      No, because they’re SUV’s. the XC60 custom designed as one, the XC70 because it adopts all the trappings of one (4wd, ride-height, extra weight, and the fuel economy blows compared to the equivelant V70)

      You know me better when it comes to cars than to put the word of marketing on what a vehicle is. They’ve been calling smooth 4-doors “coupes” for five years now! Fuck the marketeers. But I also know what i know of those vehicles.

      Otherwise, why would they differnciate in other markets? Why would there be an “allroad” A4 as well as an “avant”.

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