[xbox] Fallout: I Don’t F#$king Get It

I’m going to say something now, and I don’t want to get lynched for it.

I didn’t really like Fallout 3 when I first borrowed, and got around to playing it, last fall. In fact, I almost disliked it. Too slow, too little happening, too dark, and getting killed CONSTANTLY.

So, I put it away. I played RAGE, Forza4, Need For Speed: the Run, Call of Duty: World At War, , Torchlight, and , Bastion. Among others.

Then, about ten days ago, I was perusing XBL marketplace, and I thought “fuck it. I’ll try Fallout again, and I’ll read the manual first, and see if I can figure out why people are so fucking into this game”. So, I read the manual, threw the disc in, and picked up where I left off, hunting fire ants.

And damned if I didn’t start enjoying it.

First off, I turned the brightness up. I’d set it per the on-screen guide before, but really, everything was pitch black, and straining to see the faint outline of a door before something chews your arm off? Less fun than you’d think. So, brightness went up a couple of notches, and suddenly, I can see things. I can see where I’m going, and I can sneak up on people and creatures. Holeeee sheet.

Second, I forced myself to use the VATS system. Again, last fall, I thought this was the dumbest thing ever. Now, I really see the point, and use, of it. Running backwards spraying bullets everywhere is now only for the few occasions where I dun fucked it all up, and don’t have time or AP to deal with, say, a feral ghoul before it chews my nose off.

I’m starting to enjoy the story. I know it’s technically open-sandbox, and there’s no ‘right’ way to do things, but I did sneak a peak at the achievements list. And you know what? You get killed a lot if you don’t put some semblance of order to your meanderings through the wasteland. I’m level 7 now, but I’ve still not officially completed the first or second missions. Working on them now. But, I’m also simultaneously dealing with the BigTown scenario, and Moira’s Wasteland Handbook.

I think I’ve put about an hour and a half a night in for the last five nights.

Turns out, I’m also an unabashed ‘good guy’. I just can’t bring myself to be the badass, like El Hulk, who slaughters entire towns because they won’t meet his demands. All that said, I’m also still a big fan of all the guns. Why? Because, ALL THE FUCKING GUNS, THAT’S WHY. I do a little sneaking, I could use some more computer skills, and my lock-pick skills are mediocre at best, but at the end of the day, blowin’ shit up keeps you alive.

So, basically, I’m enjoying Fallout3, finally. I get it now.

In conclusion, you may all begin laughing at me now.


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