[CARS] Interesting Situation.

So, my folks have been battling a situation with my mom’s car, a 2003 Subaru Forester XS automatic. A couple months back, one of the piston sleeves came loose. When it did, the piston rattled around inside the cylinder. Then it was time for a new engine.

Yup, that’s a thing.

So, they got a new-sed engine with 100,000km on it. Now, they’ve got a car with 160,000km on it, and an engine with 100,000km on it, that’s throwing CEL’s (Check Engine Light) for “minor evaporative leak” (P0442). This has not inspired my mom with confidence in the vehicle.

So, they’re out shopping for cars. Primarily, they’re looking at either the 2012 Mazda5, or 2012 Hyundai Elantra GT. Those two hit all the buttons for them.

This, however, is not the story of those cars (although I’ve driven the Elantra GT, and it’s pretty sweet). Rather, it’s the story of what happens to the Subie when they get one of those cars.

And, what they’ve suggested is that they’ll take it in, see what the dealerships in question will give them for it in trade, and then they’ll offer it to @DogandGarden and myself for that price.

What this means is that I, and probably Jay, are going to have to find the leak in the pressurized system. There’s a lot of discussion on this particular problem, and as it’s not directly engine related, my guess is, with all the banging around the car getting the new engine in, it’s loosened some rust somewhere that wasn’t actually leaking yet. All the research I’ve done points to the problem being in and around the sleeve that ‘protects’ the fuel filler pipe. The sleeve itself tends to gather and hold dirt, grit, and salt, and of course, water along with all that crap. This leads the fuel filler pipe to corrode, and, voila. a leak in a pressurized system, and an evaporative leak code.
The other thing to check, apparently, is the charcoal cannister. I’ve seen that problem on a few other cars too, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

What this means is, though, that @Dogandgarden and I may end up with a cheap beat-a-bout for her to learn on, us to do big pick-ups of renovation stuff, and get the dog around in, without continuing to abuse my Genesis Coupe by making it do jobs it was never designed to do. It also means we have something that can definitely get itself around in a snow storm properly, rather than all slide-y.

This is, of course, all dependent on what the dealership ends up appraising and offering the folks for the old Subie. If it’s more than two grand, I’m pretty sure that puts it out of our ballpark, for the work that’s needed. But, we can discuss that when the time comes. In the meantime, I need to go look at the Mazda5 as well. You know. For research purposes.


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