Friday Wants: The Cycling Accessory Edition

It never ends, right? you get a thing you want, and suddenly, you need/want a bunch of stuff to make that thing better.
For me, that’s the bike. And right now, I need … ok, want… some bike stuff.

  • bikes shoes. I’ve got clipped pedals on my bike, but I also need something I can walk around in. These Pearl Izumi X-Alp look like they may be a winner.
  • biking gloves. Still an issue for me is keeping the nerve in my hands/wrists isolated from the handlebars. Knowing the issues I have, I definitely want something with a bunch of padding along the palm.
  • Bike Shorts. I always swore I wouldn’t. I broke down five years ago when I started doing 50km+ rides, and it’s time to replace those ones. That said, I’ll get something to go under a pair of cargos or that are built into cargos mountain bike style.
  • A new Helmet. Can someone, PLEASE point me in the direction of affordable (read, NOT $120+ designer) bike helmets that are comfortable, light, and very open? Seriously? Someone?
  • Finally, a new bike computer. Basic, functional, and the Filzer DZ units have the advantage of having a very cheap harness and sensor, so I can buy a second sensor/wiring harness so I can bump the computer from my computer to my serious bike with minimal effort.
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