[biking] So The Next Thing On The List

Is to buy pedals. That’s a thing, apparently, that I didn’t know about when it comes to higher end bikes. They don’t come with pedals. There is a PERFECTLY good reason for this: pedals are pretty (and oddly) personal, and they may well be moved from one bike to another. You may have a particular pedal that you like immensely: no sense buying pedals you don’t want or need, on the bike, right?

But what this means for me, and my new bike, is that I need to get some pedals ASAP or I can’t ride the thing home!

And I am, of course, going to ride it home.

So, the Options:

1] Spoonsiehas a set of SPD’s that she’s willing to flip to me. Unfortunately, that doesn’t save me any money right now, because I’d still have to buy cleated shoes. Knowing Spoonsie, they’re fantastic pedals. So, I’m sad.

2] one of my co-workers has a set of hybrid’s laying around he might be able to throw my way. I don’t know which ones they are (or if he’ll remember to bring ’em in). So, it’s a ‘maybe’.

3] Hybrid Wellgo WPD M17c. Forty bucks at Mec, clip on one side, flat on the other. I can use regular shoes with ’em and worry about cleated shoes later.

4] Hybrid Wellgo WPD 95b at MEC, same as above, slightly different design, forty-five bucks. Same advantages

5] Cheap-ass, lightweight no-clip standard touring bike pedal. Sixteen bucks. Lets face it, this is probably what I’ll buy in the interim, before I get some hybrids.
I’ve got until Friday morning to figure it out.


2 Responses to [biking] So The Next Thing On The List

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’d go for the clip on one side, and normal on the other, you get the choice and wouldn’t hold you up if you wanted to quickly grab your bike and ride! šŸ™‚

  2. markramsden says:

    That’s exactly what I thought! and did!

    Turns out, my coworker’s pedals are the WPD 95b (or close enough to make no difference). Free is best! at least for the short term. šŸ™‚

    Mostly, I want both sides for in city traffic. It’s a pain getting in and out of clips at every stoplight.

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