[Car Stuff] So, This Thing Happened.

Sometime between 5pm and 7pm, someone put a hell of a scratch in my paint.

It appears that someone, probably a kid, came barrelling down the little path next to my parking spot at home, and got outta shape, going a little too fast. What this appears to mean is, he or she put the handlebar end down…. in my paint.



So, what I’m left with is a scratch, about 1/8th inch wide, 18 inches long, that you can catch a thumbnail on. And it’s actually that last part that’s really important. that means it’s down in the paint. That’s kinda obvious: the scratch is white, not blue like the car. But it looks like it’s in the paint, but NOT the primer.

So, research (and a lot of youtube video watching) says that I should:

  • get a new paint pen
  • get some 2000 and 3000 grit sandpaper

    and that should do for materials I don’t already have.

    I’ve gotta clean it all up (clay bar, and a fairly harsh cleaner with no wax or shine additives). After that, I need to layer up the paint down the length of the scratch, so it’s above the existing paint. Probably three layers, each cured before putting the next one down. After that, I have to do something that scares the jebebus out of me. I have to sand my paint. Keeping it sprayed with water for lubrication, and to keep the sandpaper from clogging up.

    Then, break out the Porter Cable buffer & polisher, and go to town with the cutting pad, then polish, then wax.

    With some luck, I’ll have a flawless fix, and I won’t need to spend a grand getting it professionally repainted and refinished.

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