Updated Out of Boredom

I’m in limbo right now. I’ve got a ton of topics to talk to myself (and I guess anyone who’s reading this) about, but no energy to do so. I’m on my third day off work, sick, and I’m so bored my teeth are grinding.

See, the thing is, I feel guilty taking sick days. Justified as they may be (and they are: I’ve been completely energy-less since PAXEast, due to a bug I picked up there, aka PaxPox, aka ConFlu), I don’t like sick days, because I don’t feel I’m allowed to do anything productive. That means no gaming, no going out, no chores, no ‘fun’: you’re sick, you took a day off, if you’re well enough to do the above, you should be at work.

So, I’ve watched a lot of Netflix the last three days, while I drifted in and out of consciousness. Mostly old horror flicks, like LifeForce, and Phantasm II, as well as schlock (Doom) and TopGear.

Phantasm II was cheezy, for sure, but surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. It’s actually kinda like a Supernatural movie, twenty years before Supernatural.

Meanwhile, I’m percolating my thoughts on PAXEast (which was, in a word, awesome), prepping the car for summer, working on the house, trying to fit some gaming in sometime in the next few weeks, and finally, shopping for a new bike.

The bike bit is tough. I’ve had the same bike for the last ten years. It’s got somewhere in the ballpark of 35-40,000km (28,000 miles?) on it, and it’s definitely worse for wear. I might have another year in it, but I’d rather replace it now and take the old Devinci down to Mom & Dad’s for casual riding when I’m down at their place. The problem I’m having is that I know enough about my riding habits, and what I want in a bike to be really dangerous to myself. You don’t accumulate that kind of mileage on a bike without learning about what you like and dislike about the bike.

What that means is, I’m starting to look not at hybrid bikes, but cyclocross. I’m also looking up a step or two in componentry (my hybrid has all Shimano MTB components: the cyclocross bikes use road components but can go on trails) to extend the durability, while still giving me multi-position handlebars (good for my back) multiple-options for brake levers (good for commuting and racing) and a good gear range for distance. Also, light. My bike was light, and the bikes I’m looking at are another 5-10lbs lighter than mine.

I don’t know quite enough to say definitively what I need though. So, I get lost in the research. I’ve got about fifteen tabs open right now with bikes, lists of components, and hierarchies of parts and manufacturers. It’s not that this confuses me, but trying to find out where i should make the trade-offs makes me indecisive. Because my other target is that the bike can’t be much more than a thousand bucks. That’s my cut-off for my willingness to commute and lock it up outside whereever I happen to be for six to ten hours. So, basically I’m looking for “the best bike for a thousand dollars that suits my riding habits and city”.

It’s a tall order.

Time for more research. And maybe I’ll watch Hellraiser in the meantime.


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