The Sprunging of Spring

Yes, it’s that time of year, when a young (or not so young) man’s fancies turn to.. well, tires.

The Genesis needs new shoes this summer: I baked the rears down to the belts last fall, after two years, and about thirty-thousand kilometers. The problem being that a] they’re high-performance tires with a low wear rating (Z speed rated, 280 treadwear) and non-rotatable, as the car has a staggered set-up (skinnier in the front than the rear), and relatively high negative camber from factory. All combined, after two summers, my Hankook V12 Ventus are done.

Originally, I’d planned just to buy the same tires again. They’re GREAT tires. But, the prices have gone up, and cash is short right now (more on why in a later post). So, I started looking at other tires. And it’s tough to beat the Hankook’s. But, it’s possible to equal them, or get ninety-percent, with a twenty percent reduction in cost.

First, I looked at Nitto. The NT-555 looks, on the surface, to be the winner. About two-hundred bucks cheaper than the hankooks with slightly less performance. But, after reading user reviews what I found was that they’re great for the first fifteen-thousand kilometers or so, and after that, they may last another fifteen to twenty-five thousand, but you won’t enjoy it at all. Performance drops off dramatically with some wear.

So, that’s no good.

What I ended up settling on were Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sports. Performance carries through the life of the tire, wet performance is reputed to be excellent, and they’re about a hundred and twenty bucks cheaper shipped to my door. On top of all that, they have a higher treadwear rating (340) that, with luck, will get me an extra season out of them. That’ll do. I put the order in on Monday night, and they’re already in the shipping process.

I have, of course, stuck with my favoured set-up: 245/35ZR19 in the front, 275/35ZR19 in the rear.

And with the way the weather’s been, I can’t wait to get the summer shoes back on the Blue Meanie:

GenCoupe rear quarter

I’m also searching for a new bike. Bike-cycle, even. With the pedals, and all. You know what, though, I’ll talk about that next.

And then why I’m broke on top of that.

It’s a hard life I lead, I tell ya.


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