Friday Wants

Well, nothing here since the last “Friday Wants” eh?

Lets do it again anyway, just so you can see how materialistic I am, yes?

It’s March. That means a car-geeks thoughts are turning to his or her car. I’m no different. As with last week, I’m looking at exhausts, but I’m also looking at detailing equiptment.

1] AutoGeek Foam Gun. Turn your hose into exactly what you get at a $15/wash touchless car wash. I’d definitely like to start doing this stuff in the driveway (or parking spot) rather than sitting in line in the sun when I could be doin’ stuff.

2] After you wash, you wax. These days, it’s more like “compound, shine, and wax” which is basically doing the same job three times over. I’ve done this by hand the last two summers, and it takes me four to five hours. It’s a really satisfying four to five hours but OW. So, a good polisher is definitely up on the want list. The problem is, I have two crappy cheap ones. Don’t buy cheap ones. Go with something like the Porter Cable DA 7424 kit, and save your ass in the long term. Much as I’d love a Cyclo dual-head buffer/polisher the price is … painful.

And that’s that. Soon as this snow is gone, you’ll be able to find me in the driveway waxin’ the Blue Meanie.


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