Friday Wants

Friday, the day when your thoughts to the things you can do on the weekend, and the things that’ll help you do ’em.

1] Scosche reVOLT c2.

Been looking at these types of chargers for a while, for the car, but this appears to be the one that’s worth the money. Twenty bucks, and it’ll charge two tablets simultaneously off the 12v socket.

2] Friday afternoon hammer

Yo Dawg. We put an opener on your hammer, so you can get hammered while you hammer.

Ok, that sucked. BUt I totally want that hammer! And eleven bucks? Perfect!

3] TurboXS Exhaust

Why do I search local used/for sale for my own car? Because I’m an idiot. This TurboXS exhaust isn’t my primary choice, but at $700obo (local/used), it’s a wicked affordable option, on great exhaust. I’d planned on quad-tips, rather than two giant cans, but I’ve seen this on the coupe, and it looks and sounds great.


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